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The unit, on some occasions does go out and does live-shoots. The idea is not only to have fun, learn how to shoot properly, and what they actually feel like (blanks are wimpy). Marksmanship is included in the second item and possibly the best way to learn it, without being on the range, is to read and watch government training reels.

Those materials are posted here for your viewing pleasure.

Note: Don't try this at home. 

Basic Marksmanship tips:
1) Read the Safety section regarding firearms
2) Zero your weapon as best as possible
3) One is most accurate in a supported prone position followed by, prone, sitting, kneeling, standing, walking, and running (not accurate at all)
4) Most rifles have a sling, use it
5) Be conscious of your breathing
6) Don't feel bad when your group is fairly large, the idea was to suppress (through volume of fire) and flank

Part I is actually Part II of the series and goes over firing positions. 

Part II of this is actually Part III of the series and discusses windage and elevation.