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Vehicles & Mounts

Motorized Vehicles:

1942 GPW
Phil currently owns and brings out a 1942 Ford GPW "Jeep", frame #86177 delivered from the Ford Flint, MI plant in December 1942. It is a typical GPW, restored to a "used" field condition (she is not a "trailer queen"). At Rockford Illinois 2007 event, it transported not only the members of the 10th, but also additional airborne and leg soldiers. At one point there were 10 GI's rolling on or off the battlefield, hanging on to her in various ways. Named for Phil's wife (driver's prerogative), she also bears the hand painted art "Ready for Duty" on the passenger side. Seventy-five percent of all parts are original to the vehicle, with replacements utilized only to bring it to a running condition. Phil hopes to also outfit her with stretcher racks for possible duty as a field expedient ambulance for future events.


Owned by Ward Brown (or is the other way around, does Chappy own Ward? We wonder sometimes), is an old hand at reenacting and has been doing so for many years. The sound of small arms or artillery fire does not phase Chappy at all. When Ward takes his hit, Chappy usually resumes grazing nearby. Chappy is our #1 crowd pleaser and receives more attention than the rest of us combined. For the people that have never seen a horse, it's a spectacular experience. 

Bullet & Molly
Bill Maddox brings with him Bullet and Molly to events. One is usually fitted with a pack saddle that would have been used to carry supplies, equipment, or heavy weapons.
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