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Unit Members

Chapter Organization

President: Phil Lauricella
The Old Man

Vice-President: Kyle Burson
Works for Food

Treasurer: Rebecca Tulloch
The Money Lady

Secretary: Michelle Hart
World's #1 Secretary!

Field Command

D Company, 87th MIR:

Sergeant Shawn Clark
Shawn served in the 10th Mountain from 1992 to 1995. During that time he had been sent to Panama, Ft. Erwin, CA, Honduras, Camp Picket, VA, Ft. Polk, LA. He deployed to Haiti for the mission Uphold Democracy. During his time there he served with an infantry platoon. After a year and a half he transfered to the Headquarters Co with the Scout Platoon. While with them he was assigned to the sniper teams and served as a spotter for Alpha team. In his job as a spotter he was required to operate the radio and to help range and ID targets. Those were the best times in his opinion.

Shawn started reenacting 10th Mountain in 2009 after seeing the unit at Rockford. His first event was Jefferson Barracks, but his first event that he participated in was Lowell, IN. Shawn has been told that he is a bit of a "hoarder" and has amassed a collection faster and larger than most in the unit, he claims he's just over zealous (but we know the truth). When Shawn is not in the field with the 10th he's usually searching eBay for the latest finds or his next field locker. If not there then he's at work making whatever funds he needs to fuel his addiction. Shawn recently rejoined the military and is now in the Army Reserves. Shawn has caught the 'talkalotaitis' bug from others in the unit and will do so until you walk away (and even then he'll talk at your back).

Corporal John Lauricella
This is John, he hasn't submitted a bio yet, probably because he's busy at Columbia, downtown, working in his animation classes (which he has to play a video game for, life's rough!). John's been reenacting as long as he's been a Lauricella. Literally, since he's an "import".

Corporal Jered Hart
Jered has been with the unit since 2009. Shawn invited him on the spur of the moment to the Dixon event (2009) and gave him some gear and "the rest is history". He found he really enjoyed the history and the comradery of the unit. When he is not reenacting he works as a die maker to support all his hobbies and his girls' needs for dresses. When not reenacting he likes to fish, hunt, and downhill ski. He is very pleased that his family has joined him in his hobby.

PFC Kyle Burson
Kyle got into reenacting (and the unit) through Doc Phil and has been reenacting (and with the unit) since the Rockford 2007 event. He's always loved history in school and enjoys teaching students and the public about US history. If he didn't have such expensive tastes and an even more expensive hobby, he would have become a history teacher. When Kyle isn't at an event as 10th Mountain he's out there portraying the Imperial Japanese Army, fighting the guys from the unit who also portray USMC or Early-War Army. Kyle recently got married (sorry ladies), so reenacting has been throttled down a bit (however he is working on getting his wife into this more). He graduated from NIU in December of 2010 and is currently working at Topco Associates, LLC.. Random fact: Kyle is named after Kyle Reese (character from "The Terminator").

PFC Chris "Whitey" Melanson
Whitey must also be busy at NIU too with classes (studying Mechanical Engineering) since we haven't got a bio from him just yet. "Whitey" is a nickname he got from Ken (who doesn't know his real name), but, as you can tell, it's stuck. Besides Ken, he's really the only other person in the unit that can act as a machine gunner on a M1919. Chris was elected to the rank of Corporal for the 2011 year, something we all know he will excel in.

PFC Adam "Hank" Fain
Adam hasn't submitted a bio yet. Graduated from NIU in Mechanical Engineering in May of 2011 and is currently back at NIU for his masters. Usually can be found sleeping, which is probably why we don't have a bio. When he wakes up we'll remind him to get something to us. 

PFC Casey Clark
Casey got into reenacting in 2009. He was actually enlisted by his father. His impressions include, medic, rifleman, BAR gunner, and USMC rifleman. He just graduated high school in May of 2011 and is now at Kishwaukee Community College studying diesel technologies. When he is not at reenactments with his family he is likely out at his grandpas farm, at a roping, or playing Xbox in his cave (with the :#ERs).

Pvt. Ken Hoelscher
Ken has been involved in Reenacting for over 10 years and enjoys teaching the public about WWII. He has always been an avid fan of WWII since he was in jr. high school. He saw the movie Memphis Belle and since then has been hooked. Ken has been with the unit now for about 2 years; he has always loved the cold so the 10th was the way to go. Ken also does Army Air Coprs as both ground crew and flight crew (mainly as a bombardier) and as a flight officer with the Flying Coffins (glider pilot). He also does 41st infantry and USMC in the Pacific. He is also the creator of Chris and Adam's nicknames, Whitey and Hank respectively. Ken brings along his two M1919 machine guns (one setup for the A4 variety and the other in A6 configuration), which he's trained Whitey on. When not reenacting Ken spends time working in the family business as a chimney sweep and loves spending time with his family.

Pvt. Hellar Armbruster
Hellar has be reenacting since 2007 and with the unit since 2009. He has also been collecting 20th Century militaria for over 35 years. He has attended military academies rich in military history, and has over 20 years of military service in both the US Coast Guard and U.S. Army National Guard. His mentor at Culver Military Academy was CSM John Hudson who was wounded while serving with the 10th in Italy during WWII.  Also, while in the service his hobbies included mountaineering and skiing. This is where he was exposed to the history and former members of the 10th Mountain Division. Hellar is a member of the Illinois State Military Museum Living History Detachment where he does numerous 20th Century Impressions ranging from WWI through Vietnam.  His is also a member of the Great War Association. Hellar is the President of Armbruster Manufacturing Company, his family business in Springfield, IL. Since 1875 Armbruster has been building high quality long lasting tents for all applications. Ever since WWI Armbruster has built military tents for the government and aid relief organizations when needed.  Armbruster is now reproducing these same WWII models of tents again to support living history and re-enacting organizations.  More care be found at

You can see a fair number of his tents in use on the Tent Pitching page.

T5 "Doc" Phil Lauricella
Phil didn't submit anything, but we know quite a bit about him (more than we want to sometimes), since he likes to talk, a lot. The Talkalotaitis infection outbreak epidemic pestilence scourge plague within the unit can be traced back to, ironically, "Doc" Phil. Phil was one of the original founders of the unit; his love of skiing and passion for history mixed and thus the unit was born. Since that time the unit has grown under leaps and bounds. Phil has been reenacting for many a year now and will continually tell you how he's, "getting too old to be running around like he used to" (he's doing just the opposite). Phil usually partakes as the unit medic and/or field surgeon with the unit, that is when he isn't riding around in his jeep, "Lynn" (named after his wife) or talking. Phil can usually be found talking quite a bit to the public and won't stop for anything in most cases. Both his son, John, and wife, Lynn, are apart of the unit. Phil works as an educator, going from school to school with history programs, covering the American Revolution to World War Two.

Pvt. Garrett Nunn
Garrett has been reenacting since 2005, He does almost all of his reenacting alongside of Ken. He just meet up with and joined the unit at the 2010 Thunder Over Michigan event. He has been interested in World War II all his life, every since he sat around listening to his Grandfathers stories of the war (he was with the 7th Armored Division). He really got into reenacting after meeting Ken. He also has impressions to include the US Air Corp Ground Crew and Flight Engineer/Gunner, portrays a flight officer with the Flying Coffins (glider pilot), and portrays a Tank Driver of the 7th Armor Div. He also does a portrayal of a member of the 6th Div of the 2nd AIF (Austrialian Army) in the Pacific and North Africa. Outside of reenacting Garrett is a Cross Country Truck Driver. He enjoys watching most World War II movies, but loves the movie “The Longest Day”.

Greg "Kermit" Leuelling
Greg is currently a Fleet Marine Force qualified Navy Hosipital Corpsman (Medic in Army lingo) 3rd Class (E4). He started reenacting in 2003 with the 325 Glider Infantry Regiment, and is now reenacting with the 10th Mountain Division. His impressions include; Army Riflemen, Army Medic, Partisan, Marine Riflemen, Navy Corpsman, and Combat Camera. Greg became interested in WWII Reenacting in 2003 while attending the Rockford, IL reenactment as member of Military Career Explorer Post 44 based out of Springfield IL. He has spent the last four years in the Navy as a Hospital Corpsman, completing two deployments. The first with the Marines of 2nd PLT, Fox Co, 2nd Battlion, 5th Marine Regiment on the 15 MEU. The Second with the Seabees of NMCB 40 on Detail Sharana, FOB Sharana Afghanistan. His list of top 10 tear jerkers include; Flags of our Fathers, Letters From Iwo Jima, Band of Brothers, The Pacific, Saving Private Ryan, Patton, The Dirty Dozen, A Bridge Too Far, Valkryie, and Memphis Bell.

Anthony Iannone
Another new guy who happened to come across us at Union in 2010. He actually lives not far, heard the shooting and came down to see if the Reds were invading or something. Wasn't the Reds, it was the 40s again... The rest, as they say, is a terrible downward spiral from there.

John Werner
John joined the unit in January 2011. He acts primarily as a medic but can also fill the role of an engineer or basic rifleman. He has been a member of the Living History Detachment at the Illinois State Military Museum at Camp Lincoln in Springfield, Ill. for approx. 10 years and does multiple impressions of U.S. military personal from WW1, WW2, Korea, and Vietnam. John is Marine Corps veteran as well as a U. S. Army veteran, serving in both services was an experience. John was a helicopter metalsmith and mechanic in both services attaining the rank of E-5(Sgt.). He has always loved modern era military history and in another life he may have been a history teacher. That’s why he enjoys doing what we do, because in a way we are teaching those we meet at the events. John grew up watching Rat Patrol, 12 O-Clock High and Combat. Kirby and Doc were his heroes growing up. John feels very lucky to be old enough to have known so many WW2 veterans and heard their stories first hand. that’s why when he puts the uniform on to tell their story, he makes darn sure he tells them correctly.

Corporal Kilroy Shooter
Kilroy's first event with the unit was Thunder Over Michigan, 2010. The Clarks dragged him into WWII reenacting and he has been enjoying every moment since. Although he doesn't say much, he's become the most popular member, established a Facebook page (he has more friends than some others), and made it into dozen of event photos. Kilroy is interested in the canine aspects of WWII history, but is interested in many things outside of WWII. Kilroy enjoys making new friends, smelling old ones, playing fetch, and going for walks with Taylor.

Mounted Recon Troop:

SSGT. Ward Brown
Ward started re-enacting in 1986, initially in Civil War mounted cavalry. He also began riding at the same time, which made "Season 1" a rather challenging one, to say the least. He was one of the founders of the 10th, and also originated the Mounted Recon Troop thereof (with Chappy). As he recalls it Phil, John, and himself had been doing 106th Cav. Group, but when Phil found out that the 10th had the mounted troop, that's when they started it. Due to the fact that he attends a variety of different living history events from multiple time periods, he does not attend every WWII event. When he is not re-enacting, Ward practice law as his "day job".  He also assists his wife, Gail (and they did meet at a re-enactment) with the restoration of their home.  He is also an avid sports fan, attending Fighting Illini and NU Wildcat football games whenever the schedule allows. Predictably, his favorite films are She Wore a Yellow Ribbon and Lonesome Dove.

PFC Bill Maddox 
Bill Maddox has been reenacting since 2000, and with the 10th Mountain Division since 2008. He has always had a love of history and started reenacting as a Cavalry trooper of the War between the States. The Mounted Recon troop provided him with a way of combining his love of history, reenacting, and horses into the WWII community as a viable and legitimate impression. Bill also participates in Napoleonic, Mexican War, 1850's cavalry, Civil war, Indian War, and WWII. For WWII he also has had the occasion to participate as a 1939 Polish cavalryman with the 12th Lancers.

Bill works in industrial maintenance and is currently a Machine Repairman at Madison Kipp.
In addition to this he is attending college online through Grand Canyon University. In the past Bill has served 10 years in the U.S. Navy serving on board the USS Conyngham and USS Kalamazoo and having been assigned as a Recruit Division Commander at RTC Great Lakes for 3 years. In his personal life Bill started riding horses when he was 29 years old and started to ride as a cavalry trooper at 30. His favorite movie is "The Outlaw Jose Wales" and his favorite book to read is Old Man's War followed by The Guns of the South.

PFC "Bazooka" Joe Kozub
Joe Kozub has been reenacting since he was 15 years old. He has been with the 10th Mountian since the unit started. The event called "Trail of History" got him started in reenacting. His impressions of the 10th Mountain include the cook and platoon slacker (taking naps whenever possible). He also does the French & Indian War with Ward Brown. In a typical week he is either found a at school or at work. He works at a local mechanic shop; tweaking with either his car or actually doing his job. His other hobbies include paintball, shooting, hunting, hiking, and fixing cars. He also likes taking long walks on the beach at sunset.

5th Army WACs

Lynn Vleck
Lynn will get something typed up when she gets to it. She's been living the life of a very busy retired person (just retired in 2011 from teaching). When she isn't drowning those bugs in soap water, herding cats (or her husband), vacationing, reading, or just relaxing we'll nag her for something more detailed...

Cindy Clark
We're surprised Cindy hasn't submitted anything just yet, but she's probably really busy trying to keep her husband, Shawn, and kids, Casey and Taylor, in line. Not to mention her surrogate son, Kyle.


Taylor Clark
This will be Taylor's 3rd year in reenacting. She was not all too thrilled about it at first, but it has started to grow on her and she has started to enjoy it. Her main duties include guarding camp when the guys are off to battle, taking pictures, and walking Kilroy. Also, she is all of the guys' dates for the USO dances.

Michelle Hart
Michelle's first event that she participated in was Thunder over Michigan 2010. It was her birthday weekend so the unit gave her a surprise party and Jered gave her HBT's for her present. True reenactment love, folks. You can typically find her taking pictures on and off the battlefield. She especially enjoys rides in half tracks, jeeps, and any kind of cool vehicle someone will let her ride on.

Bailey Hart
Bailey has been involved in WWII reenacting since 2010. Her passion for history and love to dress up made reenacting the perfect match for her. You can most likely find her chatting with Taylor, taking pictures, people watching at the USO dances, or watching the guys in battle. She looks forward to many more years of reenacting and feels it is a really rewarding experience.

Shannon Hart
Shannon has been reenacting since 2010. She figured since she was at the events she may as well get into character. She loves to search the internet for the next must have dress and accessories, but as much as she likes the outfits she really enjoys history also. 

Kristen Hoelscher
The 10th Mountain Division has NEVER broken and run in the face of danger. Matter of fact, it usually runs towards danger with all speed and wanton disregard for personal safety, life, and limb. However there are four words that rock every mountaineer to the core. Four mighty words that strike fear into the hearts of men. Four words, "PIGGYBACK RIDE! PIGGYBACK RIDE!".


Rebecca Tulloch
Rebecca hasn't submitted something yet, because she's probably off filming something. She runs Prairie Star Productions and is usually working on a few projects at any given time. She approaches things as if it were a film production, definitely a refreshing point of view.

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