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The Workshop

Shh! Keep your voices down! You get the stuff for the thing?

Acquisition List:

-M1919 Machine gun 
--We have one on loaner from Ken... muahahah. Now if Whitey will just bring it out to an event...

We have a flag, just need the pole.... PHIL!

Secret projects in the works:

-M1A1 Bazookas & Rockets (Kyle, Shawn)
---Just need to make up a heat shield and clamp for the launcher
---Still need a rocket to model. 
---An ATF friendly project

Slated for Winter (I didn't say which winter) Sometime:

-K-Ration Boxes (Shawn)

-Tables (Shawn)

-Reproduction Paper Items: Cartons, Paperwork, Packaging, etc. (Kyle, Phil, Rebecca)
---Cigarette packaging, shaving cream, soap, envelopes, v-mail, bandages, GI paperwork

-Display stand/board for weapons (Kyle, Shawn)
---M1 Garand, M1903(A3) Springfield, M1 Carbine, BAR, Thompson (latter we don't have, yet)
---Square Post (like for a stop sign), with hook pegs on which weapons rest. Painted OD. 
------Need like 20' of this stuff

Slated for some Indefinite Point in the Future...

-M2 Mortar (60mm)
---It can be done! 

-A Portable Foxhole