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Well this event is a big enough deal to demand its own page as cluttering it all on the frontpage is unnecessary. 

2015 Event Dates & Location:
When: Thursday, September 24th - Sunday September 27th
Parking: Off of Perryville Road, just south of Guilford there is a large field (top of the hill, north of Home Depot), enter through that gate (there is also a sign for the museum), Reenactor Parking is in this lot. Park here. You will need your eventbrite ticket to get through the gate. Find camp and we will sort you out.

-Thursday Sept. 24: 8am Gates open for setup
-Friday Sept. 25: 9:00-2:15pm School tours No personal vehicles allowed in Living History Campsite
-Saturday Sept. 26: 11:00am-5:00pm Museum is open to the public
-Saturday Sept. 26: 7:00pm USO Dance (offsite)
-Sunday Sept. 27: 11:00am-4:00pm Museum is open to the public
-Sunday Sept. 27: 7:00pm Park closes to everyone

2015 Registration & Paperwork
This year, per usual, Kyle will be registering everyone and forwarding the eventbrite ticket to your personal e-mail. You will be responsible for printing (I will have my smartphone for electronic copies if they accept that). This year they will be requiring you to carry a wristband for identification in addition to your S&A paperwork.

As far as society membership, please have your current HRS card (if you don't have one, contact Rebecca) or LHRA, etc. card. Odds being what they are and the winds blowing as they are... you will need your papers.

2015 Main Setup:

2015 Schedule:





2015 Sleeping Accommodations:

2015 Meals: