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Annual Meeting

2013 Meeting Minutes:

Meeting called to order by Kyle at 2:17 p.m.

Old Business: 

A. Treasures Report given by Rebecca – Phil moved to accept report, 2nd by Shawn, accepted. 
B. Challenge Coin disbursement log presented by Phil, copy given to secretary for recording. 
C. Secretaries Report given by Cindy – Kyle moved to accept, Phil 2nd, accepted. 

New Business: 

A. List of Events for 2013 Re-enacting Schedule – Kyle distributed list of currently know events for the year. Unit discussed events on list as well as others brought to the attention of the unit. Kyle has posted schedule on unit website. 
B. Cantigny – Have been asked to return in 2013 for our War Letters Presentation 
C. National Veterans Museum – May 31 in Hoffman Estates. Focus on WW11. Ground Breaking Weekend. Phil will get more info out to the unit. 
D. Indiana Military Museum – Vincennes, Ind. – Event scheduled Sept/Oct. Don Pitchers will get more info out to the unit. 
E. Unit Training Weekend – Looking at 2nd or 3rd weekend in March. Need to find and indoor facility with room for drilling. Will send out info when finalized. Possible 2nd training day in fall. Will re-evaluate later in the year. Possible BBQ/Training Day. 
F. Website – Our URL license for is expiring. We can buy it for $35/7 years. Shawn makes motion to buy, Don 2nds, motion passed. 
G. New Membership Mentor – Would like to have one person to mentor/assist new members with paperwork, added to roster, etc. Rebecca makes motion to add job to Vice Presidents responsibilities, Kyle 2nd, motion passed. 
H. Unit Standards – Kyle would like the unit to create standards for each sub group of our unit. Looking at where our younger members (under 18) fit into our unit. We would like a nice transition into active participating member. Steph brought up idea of having our teens being part of the High School Victory Patrol. Cindy made the motion to implement the Victory Patrol into our unit. John Werner 2nd the motion, motion passed. Stephanie will be our “go-to” person for this next year to help get the program up and running. 
I. Memberships – Colorado Memberships will be done like last year, only send half to Colorado verses waiting for reimbursements. Checks made payable to unit. Rebecca will mail one check to Co. HRS memberships made out to HRS can be given to Rebecca as well. She will mail out for unit members that are interested. 
J. Stephanie would like to have her personal HRS charter absorbed into the 10th Mtn’s HRS charter. The New Board will take a look at this and make a decision. 

K. Elections – 
1. President – Kyle Burson 
2. Vice President – Phil Lauricella 
3. Secretary – Michelle Hart 
4. Treasurer – Rebecca Tulloch 
5. Platoon Sgt. – Shawn Clark 
6. Corporal - Jared Hart 
7. Corporal – John Lauricella 

Meeting Adjourned at 4:34 p.m.