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2013 Events

Events in the 2013 Reenacting Year

Note: The "reenacting season" runs November 1st to October 31st. 
All tallies as far as events and what are "next year" and "this year" fall along this line. 
Also Note: Events starting with a * means that the event has confirmed a date.
Registration or Evenbrite links will be posted with the 'drop dead date'.

Finally Note: AAR reports and attendance will be posted on page "2013" under Events


*Cantigny Park War Letters: 11-09-11
The unit is putting on two "War Letters" programs at Cantigny. This is a great chance to see the museum and help the unit do some fundraising. The program last year was a great success and the crowds were great. 


*Unit End of Year AAR Meeting: December 1st, 3pm at Phil's House
End of the Year AAR Meeting to discuss events, improvements, and to give out awards to members that they have earned over the past year. 

Camp Atterbury: December 8th
Tactial Event in Indiana. 


*Reenactor All Era Sale: January 19th
At Midway Village (Rockford). The usual you can expect.

*Unit Administrative Meeting: Sunday, January 26th
'Chapter business' needs to be settled for the new year, which means nominations, campaigning, and voting. This is also the time that dues are collected for Colorado ($20/person). Additionally, there are HRS/LHRA dues due as well that we will collect for those that don't want to do it themselves. Furthermore, expect a run through of the event calendar for the 2013 year. 


*Military History Fest: February 1st - 3rd
Held at the Pheasant Run in St. Charles, IL like last year. Great chance to hang out, see other periods, kick back, relax, buy stuff, and people watch. Allegedly close to a Portillo's.

*Vintage Clothing Show: February 22nd - 23rd 
An event held in Elgin, IL where one can find lots of vintage clothing. Usually a good buying event.

*Wiking Training Weekend: Saturday, February 23rd
We've been invited by the 45th to attend and participate as Allied forces in Wiking's training weekend at Ft. Custer.


Reenactor Garage Sale: TBA
Annual reenactor garage sale in Batavia, IL at the VFW Post.

Unit Spring Training Day: TBA
Hopefully we can have another training day like we did last April.
Ft. Custer, MI: March 16th 
Spring Tactical Event at Ft. Custer in Michigan. Barracks space provided with your fee and an optional meal available (you should get, it's tasty!).


*Camp Atterbury, IN: April 12th - April 14th
Tactical event that will run 24-36 hours in length. Billets for 900, blank vendors and other vendors available. Covers 9 training areas. LHRA providing insurance but open to all comers. Fee around $20 or so. More info coming soon.

*WWI Event at Rockford: April 12th - April 14th
Imagine Rockford, but just roughly 30 years earlier. This should be a great event to go out to and at least spectate.

*Jefferson Barracks, MO: April 26th - April 28th
Great event in St. Louis, IL. Leapfrog battles (great field though), large public numbers, and plenty of room to stretch out. Dance. Two day event, but may leave Friday for setup. Vendors.


*Honor Flight, Dupage Airport: May 4th
Honor flight event at Dupage Airport. We assume this is a go. More info coming.

*Danville, IL: May 3rd - May 5th
This event has positioned itself to replace Lowell. 

*St. Joseph, MI: May 17th - May 19th 
No beach landings this year, expect some planes and some field battles.
*Lansing, IL: May 18th - May 19th 
A smaller sized event located just south of I-80 and a couple blocks east of rt. 83. Located in a neighborhood park, is a tiny area. Third year of this event. Now a timeline event! 

*Union, IL: May 18th - May 19th
That event we all know and love located at the Illinois Railway Museum. Now run by Dave Fornell of the 353.. 

*Elburn, IL: May 27th
Memorial Day Parade. A small town parade that Phil and his family has supported for years now. 

*National Veterans Museum Groundbreaking: May 31st
This event is in Hoffman Estates, IL. Rich Russo is coordinating for this event and he is looking for reenactors and or their unit who would like to attend in uniform. He is looking for Revolutionary War, War of 1812, Spanish American War, WWI, and Vietnam War Reenactors as well as all Women Services impressions. The US Army will be flying in two Vietnam era Hueys.


*Reading, PA: June 7th - June 9th
This is the "Reading Airshow" you may have hear about. Doubtless this would be an awesome event to make someday. 

*South Elgin Trolley Museum: June 7th - June 9th
Think "Tour of Italy" skits from the IRM event and a couple field battles. Located near downtown South Elgin, the Trolley Musuem is a beautiful site comprised of both forest preserve and museum grounds. A great little event with awesome battle sites and really fun skits.

*Dixon, IL: June 22nd - June 23rd
Bigger site than the old one, great location with lots of potential. Reenactor swap meet. Battlefield (very open). This year this event is a two day event. 

*Rockome Gardens: June 28th - 30th
Public Battles & Displays. Run by the LHRA and was a good site 3-4 years ago when a few from the unit went. 


Unit Picnic: July sometime?

*St. Clair Shores, MI: July 13th - July 14th
Beach landings just north of Detroit. An event known for taking care of reenactors. 

Yorkville, IL: July 20th - 21st
Pacific Theater Only. Good thing we do 10th Mountain --- they were in the Pacific.

*Tidioute, PA: August 2nd - August 4th
Bridge at Remagen anyone? 

*Iola, WIAugust 9th - 11th
Military / Military Vehicle & Gun show. A good place for scrounging cool stuff, especially vehicle parts and those odd bits.
*Illinois State Fair: August 9th - 11th 
Living History Display at the Illinois State Fair. Awesome event with awesome crowds. Great chance to get anything fried and on a stick. Bring ear plugs and blinders - can be loud and bright as day all night long. CARPOOL!!!

*Thunder over MichiganAugust 9th - 11th 
Thunder has moved to June! A LOT earlier this year. Expect it to be just as it has been in the past.

*Ft. Carson, COAugust 30th - September 1st
An MOUNTAIN EVENT! At Fort Carson in Colorado. This is right up our alley, but it's very far! Roadtrip anyone? 

Kuiper's Family Farm: August 31st - September 1st
Cancelled :(


Rockford Campsite Cleanout: TBA
Cleanup and planning of site for Rockford.

*Lockport, IL: September 7th - 8th 
Newer event located in Lockport, IL and hosted by the 5th GD. Setup on Friday allowed and event runs all weekend. See the Peaches on Sunday!

*Rockford, IL: September 19th - 22nd 
The big show. Plan to do something slightly different than what we have in the past. An event so big for us it's got its own webpage on this site


Yorkville, IL: October 4th - 6th
Battle of the Hurtegen Forest.

45th ID Training Day: TBA
Those guys usually go out for a weekend and drill in October.

Ft. Custer Fall Tactical: October 19th
Fall tactical event at Ft. Custer - always a blast and it would be good to have a fair sized force out there.


Cantigny Park War Letters: 11-11-13



2013 Meeting Minutes:

Meeting called to order by Kyle at 2:17 p.m.

Old Business: 

A. Treasures Report given by Rebecca – Phil moved to accept report, 2nd by Shawn, accepted. 
B. Challenge Coin disbursement log presented by Phil, copy given to secretary for recording. 
C. Secretaries Report given by Cindy – Kyle moved to accept, Phil 2nd, accepted. 

New Business: 

A. List of Events for 2013 Re-enacting Schedule – Kyle distributed list of currently know events for the year. Unit discussed events on list as well as others brought to the attention of the unit. Kyle has posted schedule on unit website. 
B. Cantigny – Have been asked to return in 2013 for our War Letters Presentation 
C. National Veterans Museum – May 31 in Hoffman Estates. Focus on WW11. Ground Breaking Weekend. Phil will get more info out to the unit. 
D. Indiana Military Museum – Vincennes, Ind. – Event scheduled Sept/Oct. Don Pitchers will get more info out to the unit. 
E. Unit Training Weekend – Looking at 2nd or 3rd weekend in March. Need to find and indoor facility with room for drilling. Will send out info when finalized. Possible 2nd training day in fall. Will re-evaluate later in the year. Possible BBQ/Training Day. 
F. Website – Our URL license for is expiring. We can buy it for $35/7 years. Shawn makes motion to buy, Don 2nds, motion passed. 
G. New Membership Mentor – Would like to have one person to mentor/assist new members with paperwork, added to roster, etc. Rebecca makes motion to add job to Vice Presidents responsibilities, Kyle 2nd, motion passed. 
H. Unit Standards – Kyle would like the unit to create standards for each sub group of our unit. Looking at where our younger members (under 18) fit into our unit. We would like a nice transition into active participating member. Steph brought up idea of having our teens being part of the High School Victory Patrol. Cindy made the motion to implement the Victory Patrol into our unit. John Werner 2nd the motion, motion passed. Stephanie will be our “go-to” person for this next year to help get the program up and running. 
I. Memberships – Colorado Memberships will be done like last year, only send half to Colorado verses waiting for reimbursements. Checks made payable to unit. Rebecca will mail one check to Co. HRS memberships made out to HRS can be given to Rebecca as well. She will mail out for unit members that are interested. 
J. Stephanie would like to have her personal HRS charter absorbed into the 10th Mtn’s HRS charter. The New Board will take a look at this and make a decision. 

K. Elections – 
1. President – Kyle Burson 
2. Vice President – Phil Lauricella 
3. Secretary – Michelle Hart 
4. Treasurer – Rebecca Tulloch 
5. Platoon Sgt. – Shawn Clark 
6. Corporal - Jared Hart 
7. Corporal – John Lauricella 

Meeting Adjourned at 4:34 p.m.