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Events in the 2012 Reenacting Year

Note: The "reenacting season" runs November 1st to October 31st. 
All tallies as far as events and what are "next year" and "this year" fall along this line. 

Also Note: Events starting with a * means that the event has confirmed a date.
Registration or Evenbrite links will be posted with the 'drop dead date'.

Finally Note: AAR reports and attendance will be posted on page "2012" under Events


*Unit End of Year AAR Meeting: November 5th, 3pm at Kyle's House
This is the meeting you all have been waiting for. The final review of the season and the events we have attended. This is a time to kick back and relax (out of uniform) with the people you already have seen too frequently this year. This is also a great time for suggestions to be made as to how we can improve the display, our sites at events, and ourselves. We can also discuss things we want to do over the few winter months as well as plans for the following year. Furthermore, it is also time to recognize members who have passed milestones, gone above and beyond, or surprised the hell out of us. 

*Cantigny Park War Letters: 11-11-11
The unit is putting on two "War Letters" programs at Cantigny. This is a great chance to see the museum and help the unit do some fundraising. The program last year was a great success and the crowds were great. 


Stille Nacht Tactical: December 10th
Tactical event located in Hobart, IN. 


*Wiking Training Weekend: Saturday, January 21st
We've been invited by the 45th to attend and participate as Allied forces in Wiking's training weekend at Ft. Custer.

*Unit Administrative Meeting: Sunday, January 22nd
This meeting never fails to bring pain and misery to the faces of every mountaineer. 'Chapter business' needs to be settled for the new year, which means nominations, campaigning, and voting. This is also the time that dues are collected for Colorado ($20/person). Furthermore, expect a run through of the event calendar for the 2012 year. 

*Reenactor All Era Sale: January 28th
At Midway Village (Rockford) this year it seems. The usual you can expect.


*Military History Fest: February 3rd - February 5th
Now at the Pheasant Run in St. Charles, IL. Unit may possibly put up a display at this event in the competition. Great chance to hang out, see other periods, kick back, relax, and people watch. Portillo's is across the street *wink wink*.


*Reenactor Garage Sale: March 17th
Annual reenactor garage sale in Batavia, IL at the VFW Post. We will be selling

*Casablanca: March 21st
Celebrate the 70th anniversary of a classic film at Randall 15.

*Ft. Custer Tactical: March 23rd - March 25th
The 6th annual spring event at Custer. Barracks space provided with your fee and an optional meal available (you should get, it's tasty!). We'll be in training area 1.

*Thunder Over Utah: March 17th - March 18th
Because Thunder Over Michigan is just isn't enough for you! 


*Camp Atterbury, IN: April 14th - April 15th
Tactical event that will run 24-36 hours in length. Billets for 900, blank vendors and other vendors available. Covers 9 training areas. LHRA providing insurance but open to all comers. Fee around $20 or so. More info coming soon.

*Unit Spring Training Day: April 21st, 1300hrs
Training day set to take place inside! Travel on up to Algonquin for a bit of lecture and D&C. A good way to (re)learn your left from right. Everyone will have a chance to drive the struggle bus, no worries! Address: 4987 West Algonquin Road  Algonquin IL 60102.

*Jefferson Barracks, MO: Friday, April 27, 2011 at 9:00am - Sunday, April 29, 2011 at 4:00pm
Great event in St. Louis, IL. Leapfrog battles (great field though), large public numbers, and plenty of room to stretch out. Dance. Two day event, but may leave Friday for setup. Vendors.


*Lowell, IN: May 5th - May 6th
Lowell comes early and sends out their info early. You know it and love it and is a good time to be had. Please get appropriate directions in advance. You should not have to take the Skyway or go through Gary, IN any slower than 65mph. And yes, this will never be lived down by certain parties.

*Honor Flight, Dupage Airport: May 5th
Honor flight event at Dupage Airport. Contact Rebecca for more info!

*Taylor's Graudation Party: May 18th
She's sooooo grown up now! Celebrate her gradumacation! Yes, this is an event.

*Lansing, IL: May 18th - May 20th 
A smaller sized event located just south of I-80 and a couple blocks east of rt. 83. Located in a neighborhood park, is a tiny area. Second year of this event. Now a timeline event! 

*Union, IL: May 18th - May 20th
That event we all know and love located at the Illinois Railway Museum. Now run by Dave Fornell of the 353.. 


*Reclaiming our Heritage: June 2nd - June 3rd
Word has it that this event is back again for another year. Great little display event at the Milwaukee VA hospital.

*South Elgin Trolley Museum: June 9th - June 10th
Think "Tour of Italy" skits from the IRM event and a couple field battles. Located near downtown South Elgin, the Trolley Musuem is a beautiful site comprised of both forest preserve and museum grounds. Rebecca is organizing this event (and Kyle and Phil have been shanghaied into service), so come out and support her.

*Dixon, IL: June 23rd - June 24th
Bigger site than the old one, great location with lots of potential. Reenactor swap meet. Battlefield (very open). This year this event is a two day event. 

*St. Joseph, MI: June 29th - July 1st
MTO (Sicily) & PTO (Tarawa) landings in scenic St. Joe, IN. Looks to be a great event with many period landing craft and opportunities to haul out those secondary impressions. 


*Great Lakes Naval Museum: July 3rd - July 4th (Tuesday/Wednesday)
The Great Lakes Naval Museum is sponsoring a "museum days" at the Museum during the 3/4th of July in conjunction with the Naval Station Great Lakes' annual 4 July celebration. The Naval Station event is very popular and draws large crowds from the surrounding community. The museum, one of the Navy's official museums, is relatively new and this is their first year fully participating in this event.

They are hoping to include reenactors as part of their program, and are looking forany type of Navy impressions of any US era, but would also like any American military impressions for displays on the museum grounds for the day. The Museum will provide meals for those displaying. If you do Navy especially, but any US Military or civilian impression, consider helping them out.

Unit Picnic: July sometime?
The annual unit picnic will most likely take place sometime in July as that is the only month that is 'wide open'. Kyle has agreed to host it at his new house in Prospect Heights, IL. Thinking about mixing in a training weekend too?? More info to come. 

*DeKalb Vet Fest:
 July 27th - July 29th
Nice little event at the Taylor Municipal Airport in DeKalb, IL. Friday, the 27th at 7pm there is a parade in and through the town of DeKalb, about a 1 mile parade route - we want as many as possible this year! Living history display on Saturday and Sunday.


Danville, IL: TBA
More info to come later in the year on this event. 

*Thunder Over Michigan: August 3rd - August 5th 
What can be said about Thunder? Just another massive airshow that also happens to have a reenactment at the same time. This year's theme seems to be Mustang Madness. 

Illinois State Fair: August 11th - August 12th
Living History Display at the Illinois State Fair. Awesome event with awesome crowds. Great chance to get anything fried and on a stick. Bring ear plugs and blinders - can be loud and bright as day all night long. CARPOOL!!!

Range Day: August 18th
Potentially another day at the range. More info to come!

*Yorkville, IL: August 24th - August 26th
Back for another year. Grenade throwing competition again for a cash prize. Good timeline event, so bring out your multiple impressions. Eventbrite Link


*Kuiper's Family Farm: September 1st - September 2nd
New event held in Maple Park, IL (off of Rt 38 just west of Rt 47). The WWII Tribute will host all main WWII impressions for encampments as well as several skirmish scenarios. PTO and Ostfront scenarios are possible pending unit interest. More info and registration to come.

Rockford Campsite Cleanout: TBD
Cleanup and planning of site for Rockford.

*Lockport, IL: September 8th - September 9th
New event located in Lockport, IL and hosted by the 5th GD. Setup on Friday allowed and event runs all weekend. See the Peaches on Sunday!

*Rockford, IL: September 20th - September 23rd
The big show which has been the traditional end to the reenacting season, 2011 proved that wrong. Plan to do something slightly different than what we have in the past. An event so big for us it's got its own webpage on this site


Oregon, IL: ???
Nice little display in Oregon, IL during a town festival. We were located by auto show in 2011 and had hoards of foot traffic and good public. Chuck Roberts is the point of contact for this event so we'll hear more probably around Rockford time.

45th ID Training Day: ???
Those guys usually go out for a weekend and drill in October.

*Ft. Custer Fall Tactical: October 20th
Back again. More info to come.

*Kyle's Wedding: October 28th
Kyle is getting hitched! Come out and support him on this day. Ceremony is in Western Springs, IL with reception to follow in Chicago at Fulton's on the River. All unit members are naturally invited to attend... some of you may be included as part of the wedding and/or reception events. More info and eventbrite registration to follow. 


*Cantigny Park War Letters: 11-11-12
We have been asked back again! More info later!