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Events in the 2011 Reenacting Year
Note: "Reenacting Year" runs from Nov 1st to October 31st.
The 2011 Year runs Jan 1st to October 31st. 


*Unit Meeting: Sunday, January 16th
Annual unit social and meeting. At Kyle's this year. See below summary:

Recap of Last Unit Meeting 
(End of Year AAR)
-Nothing to add.... we came, we saw, we took hits... and then it rained

Treasurer's Report
-We made some money, spent some money, and have money left over

Quartermaster's Report
-Recently taken in inventory has been counted and shall be recounted again
-Membership voted to approve 'gifting' of inventory in member possession
-Membership voted to sell off excess inventory
-To be sold of possibly at Reenactorfest or the Reenactor Garage Sale

Election Results
Chapter Leadership
President - Phil Lauricella
Vice-President - Ward Brown
Treasurer - Rebecca Tulloch
Secretary - Cindy Clark

Field Command
Sergeant - Shawn Clark
Corporal - Kyle Burson
Corporal - Chris Melanson

Chapter Business
-Chapter to stay with 10th Mountain LHDG of Colorado --- NOT OPTIONAL, you have to join! 
-Chapter to pursue insurance on behalf of whole organization
-Keep your other society (TSG, HRS, etc.) membership
-New members get 2 events free, then $20 one time due, receive 10th patch
-New members will have to follow uniform 'recommendations', unit standards, and organization

-All events that come up during the course of the year will be posted on the website, Facebook, and sent out via e-mail
-Advance notice will be given through all channels
-Please respond so we know who is going ahead of time and can plan accordingly (what to bring, how many to cook for, when to leave, etc.)
-If you need a ride or want to drive, speak up!
-A roadtrip to Colorado sometime is a possibility 

Ski Day
-Phil has looked into a possible ski event in Galena
-Fee would be roughly $61 per person for a day, includes equipment, lesson, and lift pass

Incentive Proposal - committee formed
-Kyle & Shawn are to look into this and work on it further, otherwise, approved by membership
-Can naturally be adopted and adjusted for Mounted Recon, WACs, Resistance, etc...

Unit Purchases - committee formed
-After sale of excess inventory unit to purchase a Mountain uniform set OR a M43 uniform set
-Probably two sets of various, larger, sizes
-Other uniform/equipment purchases to be handled by QM
-Shawn, Kyle, Chris, and Bill to look into purchase of weaponry (machine gun)
    -Findings to be reported within 60 days of meeting (March 17th)
-Tables - Hellar has some and Shawn can build
-Chairs - Buy them if/when you see them, reimbursement possible
-Guideon - Ward to try to convert current one. 

Things in Production
-Currently we are producing or have the ability to produce:
-M1A1 Bazooka - Shawn and Kyle working on, can be done, quite a bit of material work to fabricate
-K-Rat Boxes - Shawn working on stencils, but box is functional, easily made
-Tables - Shawn can do, just needs to know a fair deal ahead of time
-Repro Paper Items - Kyle can do
-We are working on in the future:
-Blanks (late this year at earliest) - Greg L. 
-Mortar (60-mm or 81-mm) - Shawn & Kyle toying with, but there are some complicated pieces to it. 
-If you want something, let whomever know so they can plan it into their production schedule or help you produce it.
-If you want to help out, speak up! We could always use another brain and set of hands.

Other Business
-John Werner joined the unit! (on 2 event probationary)
-Stephanie & Don Pitchers put on their 2 event probationary period 
-Uniform "Recommendations" - ski cap and 10th patch at the very least - cap is cheap and the patch is free!
-Strive to get Mountain Trousers and M43 jacket (or a mountain jacket if in your size)

blah blah balah...


WWII Memorial Display: February 13th, 1200-1600

Members attending: Sgt. Shawn Clark, Cpl. Kyle Burson, Tec4 Phil Lauricella

After Action Reports:
Shawn Clark: Well I guess you can say OMG its started again. Our first event for the year was a display at the VFW in Batavia for the traveling WWII memorial. It was a great chance to talk to alot of vets (being at the VFW lol). Im not sure of the actual count but I think that there were 25 to 30 WW11 vets in attendance. I may be wrong though...(not taking a peeler for that either). We set up a nice small display of 10th mt gear. I really love this kind of event.

Phil Lauricella: Yep, my kind of event too......went very well. Lots of vets, good display and I got to ---heavens----talk to people!!!! That doesn't happen very often...... :>) Chris where were you? Anyway, longer than I thought, but throughly enjoyable......

Reenactorfest: February 18th - 20th

Members Attending: Shawn, Cindy, Kyle, Phil, Lynn, John L., Rebecca, Jered, Michelle

After Action Report:
Shawn Clark: Well Reenactor Fest has come and gone. I think that all that came had a good time.. There were some items to be had and some great deals to be had. The dance I think could have been better maybe if there were a few more of us there. We had some great company with those from the 45th that made the trip. Thanks all and looking forward to the tactical in March.


Reenactor Garage Sale: Saturday, March 5, 9am - 2pm (opens for vendors at 8am)
Located in St. Charles this year at the VFW downtown on 3rd Street. Admission is $5. The unit may set up a table to sell stuff. 

Location: St. Charles VFW Post, 3rd STREET, St. Charles IL
Members attending: Phil, John, Shawn, Casey, Kyle, Cindy, Taylor, Whitey, and Anthony
Peelers Issued: 1 - Phil (misdirecting convoy to VFW)

After Action Report:
The first potato peeler was issued today to Phil Lauricella for redirecting the convoy (which had halted at the correct location) across town to a decoy location. 

Kyle Burson: The unit was able to bring in excess inventory from the unit closet and sell off a good portion of the WWII gear as well as many other items. The unit made of pretty well and made a handsome amount. Other vendors were buying our goods for resale also. We're happy to have gotten what we did, they're happy to resell them, and some lucky end-consumer will be happy to pay for what they're charging. Great foot traffic, slightly smaller than Batavia, but good crowds up until Noon. Portillo's for lunch! 

Fort Custer RETO Tactical: Friday, March 18 - Sunday, March 20.
Supposedly the BEST tactical in the whole wide world, bar none. The guys from the 45th have been before and recommend it. 

Members attending: Shawn, Casey, Whitey

After Action Report:
The Tactical at Ft Custer was a huge success. This is an event that should be considered for future days. The site is great. The terrain is tough but very manuverable. It is very good training. And oh it's a lot of fun.


Jefferson Barracks, MO: Friday, April 15, 2011 at 9:00am - Sunday, April 17, 2011 at 4:00pm

Members attending: Shawn, Kyle, Whitey, John, Jered, Greg, Don, Stephanie, Brad, and Hellar (Fallschirmjäger)

After Action Reports:
Shawn Clark: Well this event went just about as well as I expected. We had a great turn out. With 10. The event was cold on Sat and perfect on Sun. With a little bit of rain mixed in there.

The weekend started with Hellar, Greg and Brad setting the tents up on Friday Morning. Wich was great. Thank you all very much. The rest of the unit arrived on Friday afternoon and evening. After the rest of the tents were put up and moved into we settled down for the first night. Cold and windy.....

Sat started with wake up and breakfast at 0630. From there we started our set up of the displays and getting ready for SnA. I have to say we were a good looking bunch out there. Thanks for all for being in the mt gear that they had. It makes us stand out. From SnA we hooked up with the FSSF and caught a ride on the halftrack and WC4. out to the battle. During the battle we bounded toward the geman line with the 84th on our right. We took the objective with minamal hamstring being one of the wounds....
For the rest of the morning there were vendors to see and a few puplic to talk to but mostly just stay out of the wind and stay warm. The Afternoon battle was just about the same with the 10th just mixed in with the assault on the objective.

Sat night was a whole different scene and we have made a pact to not talk about it....All Im saying is that "coffee" should be a more controlled substance.....

Sunday most hit the vendors one more time and then preped for the 1200 battle. There the 10th was a driving force that actually had a member get a 3 kill grenade strike. Way to go Casey. Most of the unit held serpressive fire on the germans till we were counter attacted from the rear (Hellar you sneeky krout) and took our hits. After the battle we all helped in tear down of the camp and packing of the rigs. All and all I think this is a great event and look forward to it again next year. 

Stephanie Pitchers: Good Report Shawn! Agreed, coffee is a wicked beast. I was dress as ARC Field Director (American Red Cross), it's a civilian in service of the military roll and they all held the honorary rank of 2nd Lt. because they were expected to behave like officers.

I'd like to thank all of you for the laughs and help with set up and tear down, it means a lot to me.

Kyle Burson: John was issued a potato peeler. He was initially issued for being too slovenly to fetch the 30 rack of coffee that he bought. The next day he was 'reissued' the peeler for trying to reverse pick-pocket it on Kyle. He then failed to remember why he was initially issued the peeler. Finally, John broke said peeler through carelessness (don't carry it in your pants). Let this be a lesson to all. 

Lowell, IN: Saturday, April 30, 2011 at 10:00am - Sunday, May 1, 2011 at 4:00pm

Members attending: 
Shawn, Kyle, Whitey, John, Jered, Casey, Cindy, Taylor, Kilroy, and Rebecca (as a Peach).

After Action Reports:
Kyle Burson: Here we are at the previous 'season opener' for the dog and pony show...

Campsite was located on top of the German field kitchen. With 2 pyramidals, a small wall, and small wall fly... we take up more room than we ever have before. I'd gripe about the GP smalls and GP mediums that some unit use, but won't...

Weather held up and there was no rain while we were there. The Taylor Effect holds true! (for those wondering: When Taylor is at an event, it doesn't rain. When she leaves, it'll rain).

Battles on Saturday were all on the back 40 field. Pretty boring, but they had interesting cover (plastic horses or something) and a different approach to 'land mines'... On Sunday the 'regular' locations were resumed since things had dried out enough due to the Taylor Effect. The lads went out for 1-5 battles depending on who you were and how much limping you were doing.

German Tank Girl made an appearance in the neighboring German camp for a photo op. [self-censored comment]

There were non-alcoholic parties held on both evenings. Canned coffee and a bottle of water were passed around the fire.

The threat of a gas attack is quite real... especially around sun-up. Fortunately, we didn't have to alert the men either morning of such an attack.

The peeler was not issued.

A stopwatch was obtained.
-The trailer was packed in 34:32 (mm:ss)
-Kyle is still timing the length it takes before he's up in front of a firing squad.

All wondered where the heck Phil was and much confusion was had by all... "we're in a MTO battle?"

Would be nice to have more room to spread out (less Germans). Due to weather and the limitations placed on vehicles - I assume - attendance fell off drastically. Fewer reenactors showed.... although the Tiger was there.

Things that need working on:
-Left vs. Right
-Our trailer packing time (we can totally get this down to 25 min - figuring out the poles held us up])
-Keeping site clear of farby stuff and waste
-Ensuring leftover french fires make their way to Kyle
-Eyeglasses (take them off and hide them!)
-Broken BAR

Shawn Clark: Can't add to much to this. This was a great event. I first want to say thanks to all the members for there help. You all were great. Thank you thank you. 

We do still need to work on the farby stuff. But we are getting better. We will have to do some more drill at events.

On a personal note, thanks for helping unload and load the trailer. looking forward to the next event.


Union, IL Work Day: Saturday, May 21st - Sunday, May 22nd

Members Attending: Phil, Rebecca, Kyle, Anthony, Adam, Whitey, Shawn

Union, IL: Friday, May 27, 2011 at 9:00am - Monday, May 30, 2011 at 6:00pm

Members Attending: Shawn, Kyle, Phil, Hellar, Ken, Cindy, Jered, Taylor, Casey, Joe, Chris, John, Michelle, Baile, Shannon, Rebecca, Kristen, Garrett, Anthony, Kilroy

After Action Reports:
Shawn Clark: I want to thank all that came and helped. I'm not sure that I'm the best to report on this event being that I was in camp for most of it. 

Friday morning started out with several unit members helping set up our camp. In out camp this year (which has grown) we had two pyramidals two small walls a small wall fly and a comand tent. Thanks to Hellar and Greg for the use of the walls and the command tent.

After the camps were up we did as much of the prep for the event as was deemed necessary. With that done registration was opened. As well as the gate being open and the event was officialy on. Friday night was a good time with friends and family of the 10th and a bit rough for a couple of troopers or at least the am was.

Saturday morning we were off to a good weekend. With most of the 10th either working or doing S&A the rest kinda skipped it. The skits all seemed to go well from what I heard. This is where I would like someone else to add in here. I heard good things about them. As far as the public things seemed to go well we had a good flow of people in and around our camp with plenty of troopers to explain the 10th. The North Platte train was another huge success I think. I love that part. This year I opted to stay back and watch for the most art. Still a great time.

As the evening came there were some confusion on dinner which I blame myself. Sorry to those involved. After dinner we attended the dance in force and had a great time. I think it was well attended. I know for a fact that there were a few new brands of coffee tried and enjoyed. And yet again another trooper finding his limit. lol.  We are a hard headed bunch.

Sunday...Well it started out good with the weather looking like it might miss us...then the floods.

While we did get rained on it was a chance to see everyone in there rain least the ones that have it. I heard and later saw that the 82nd got left out in the rain and then still did the battle. Which one friend that saw it said it looked so real. So my hat is off to all that did that battle. After the rain finnally quit we had our main battle. I think for the troops that we had left it was a great time. I did medic for the first time and was able to see the battle from a great view point. My congrats go to Kyle for his plan, it was outstanding. I really think that the public and reennactors alike loved it. It did seem that as soon as it was over the event seemed to be over.

Now I know I missed all the drama of the weekend and that was intentional. We all know it and we dont need rehash it here.

Hellar Armbruster: Thank you all for hosting an awesome weekend. It's a real honor to fall in with such a hard working unit who put on an authentic display which keeps getting better and better. I know running this event had it challenges but it was worth it for the participants and crowd who attended. Nothing else like it for WWII events. Great job Kyle for following up on the details all weekend and keeping us organized. It was great too see everyone again and spend time supporting the Mountain troopers!


Milwaukee, WI: Saturday, June 4th - Sunday, June 5th

Members Attending: Sgt Shawn Clark, Cpl Kyle Burson, Cpl Cindy Clark. Ward Brown & Bill Maddox there also doing another period.

After Action Report:
Shawn Clark: Friday I went up to set up the display. After dealing with the spot I had had last year not being available and then the next spot being acquired by some other unit while I was retrieving my truck and trailer. I finnally got to the spot that I would call ours. After a little help with the tent and fly I was set. The night was really eneventfull.

Saturday I finished the set up of the display and had my morning coffee (real coffee). Cindy and Kyle made it up around the time the public started to arrive. This is a great event and one that will be missed. The public is great with great questions. It was a great place to talk to vets from all eras. The event for us ended close to 7pm I belive. After tear down and packing we were off to dinner. Culvers seems to be a close second to Portillos. This would have been a great event for more to come and see. With all the eras there just wasn't enough of us for us to look at everything. To bad we probably won't have this event again.

Yorkville, IL: Friday, June 10th - Sunday, June 12th

Members Attending: Sgt Clark, Cpl Burson, Tec 5 Lauricella, Pvt Fain, Pvt Lauricella, Lt Vleck, Rebecca, Ward

After Action Report:
Shawn Clark: Well this is a great but small event. This is where most do there "other" impressions. No letters handed out here. (If you dont know the story it wont be funny).

I was only able to attend this event on Sat., but I will do my best to sum it up. Please feel free to add or correct anything as you all see fit.

Sat morning started with Kyle showing up to find out that no one put up any tents on Friday, so he dicided that he should go an get a hair cut. (to much info????) I'll try and keep it to the point then. lol

We all arrived around the same time and began to set up our display. Phil got to bring out his Medical display and it really looked great. Nice job boss. I decided that I was going to stick to what I know and did Mt. With me only going to be there for the one day I only set up a small display with a couple of Mt tents and the other specialized gear. John and Kyle did there IJA impression. Which I have to say was OUTSTANDING. Leaving Adam and Phil to do there early war army impression. With Rebecca doing her French Cafe' and Lynn doing WAC.. You all looked fabulous.

The morning started out with a bang!!!! Well a simulated one. The hand grenade contest was a blast (pun intended). After the practice round the real action started. After seeing John put forth a valiant effort Kyle took it onto himself to be the pride of the IJA. Although after 3 not so great throws he did what any good Jap soldier would have done..........BAANNNNZZZZAAAAIII!!!!!!!!!!!! and leaped into the bunker. Even though he was awarded high points for enthusiasm he still couldn't pull a victory off. Mainly since that was a one time shot..... Adam did give them a true run for there money though.

In the afternoon they all did the battle...First it was a early war attack. The IJA assaulted our US army troops which took heavy losses. Only for the Japs to be later knocked out by the hard hitting USMC troops in the later war Island hopping battle. I will have to leave the real blow by blow to someone who actually saw the battle since I needed to stay in camp to watch the gear.

After the battle we broke camp. We are getting really good at that part. There wast even a threat of real rain either. Then we all went to dinner at Schmit's in Elburn....Great food and coffee and friends.

Dixon, IL: June 26th 

Attending: Sgt Clark, Cpl Burson, Pvt Hart, Pvt Luaricella, Tec 5 Luaricella, Lt Vleck, Clp Clark, Pvt Werner, Bailie Hart

After Action Report:
Shawn Clark: This a great event. I hope that they keep it going. I arrived on Friday night to start set up with Kyle showing up about an half hour after me. After the tent was up and some of the gear unloaded we got a fire going and had our evening coffee.

The morning started with the usual setting up the display and getting everyone settled. After the S&A the started preping for the battle. The battle was attended by Phil John and Jered. They were unfortunately either all killed or captured.

For the rest of the day we had the oppertunity to talk to lots of folks and several vets. Which is why I like this event so much.

After tear down we headed into town for some dinner. That in its self was an adventure....It only took us 4 tries and an antique store to find something to eat. The chow was good and so was the company. All and all a great weekend. Thanks to all that helped this weekend. Great job.


Railroad Days - West Chicago: July 7th

Members Attending: Rebecca, Phil, Lynn, Kyle

After Action Report:
Kyle Burson: A local town's summer fair hosted the Peaches one Thursday night. About a half a squad of both the Peaches and the Comets showed up. Kyle acted as Catcher and Phil as Umpire for awhile. We had a great opportunity to play on the field, under the lights. 

Eventually the park staff pulled the plug, accidentally, on the lights and we had to declare the game over. Great time and great game which ended in a tie.

Training Day: July 16th - July 17th

Members Attending: Shawn, Cindy, Taylor, Casey, Jered, Michelle, Bailie, Shannon, Phil, John, Lynn, Anthony, Kyle, Chris, Rebecca, Joe
Members of the 45th ID Attending: Paul, Dan, Matt

After Action Report:
Shawn Clark: Our first training day...

Our day started around 1000 (not sure I wasnt there yet). When I did arrive we finished set up of the tents...

The training started around 1230. We started with militart custums, facing, close order dirlls and marching.. The marching as we all thought would be the toughest. After alot of work and many many right and lefts we started to get the hang of it... Once we finished that we started our tactical movement. It is something else we need to work on.. The main use of these I think will be in actual tacticals. We all know after the first rounds go off formations seem to go out the window. We learned that open areas should either be avoided or crossed quickly. Once we cooled down Kyle lead us in a great demo of german vehicles and weapons..oh and a really nice Japanese rifle and pistol.

After the training we comensed with the evening festivities.. John did a great job of cooking our dinner. Thanks to all that brought fixings. The meal was great and the company was even better. Thanks again. Our night was over around 2330.

Sunday we all had a great breakfast at the Kontry Kettle. Mel was a great help in the feeding of the masses...

Once we started our training again around 0900. We repeated the training of Sat. We did do alot more marching and everyone had a chance to lead the unit. I think everyone found out that it wasnt as easy as it looks. We also worked on marching by columns of two.. which is a lot harder. I do think we are getting much better.

All and all I think that this was very educational. Thanks for all that came and participated.

Thunder Over Michigan: July 23rd - 24th

Attending: Shawn, Kyle, Chris, John, Adam, Casey, Jered, Cindy, Michelle, Taylor, Bailey, Shannon, Ken, Garrett, Kilroy

After Action Report:
Shawn Clark: WOW.....what a weekend. Well I hope all are recovering from the weekend. This event was a blast again this year. I think that everyone had a good time and yes we DRANK LOTS OF WATER AND ATE OUR FOOD...

The weekend started for most of us on Friday. We began out our setup around 0900. With the help of the guys from the 45th our tents went up fast and the unloading was complete with minimal sweating..then we drank water...then we enjoyed the practice session of the airshow. Our unit joined with the 45th and went on the convoy through town. Once there we marched the parad route and took place in the ceramony. Then it rained.... We ended the night with good pizzas and good friends.

With all the heat we got the display up and did our best to stay cool..After our S&A we marched out to the airfield. I think that we looked good and put on a good show for the public. The first battle I think went ok...We came in at the end of the battle to do the clean up. Most didnt even fire.....bummer. The mustang air cover was awesome. I think that they even flew lower this year. It really adds alot to the battle. The smoke and the arty rounds were really cool. I think we did a really good job looking like a unit instead of a gaggle. After the battle we headed back to the camp. Side note John and I got to meet the mayor of Belleville. Cool things happen when you pass out brass. The kids love it. After a bite to eat those that did the pto battle formed up for the longest "briefing" known to man...Then moved out with the most unorganized lot of troops we have moved with in a long time. I cant speak for the IJA for I was with the USMC group. Kyle or one of our other IJA's will have to fill in this blank. The battle Im sorry to say was bust. We were in place and waiting in the heat and sun for almost an hour. The whole show was late. The chance to ride on the lvt's was cool but a bit over rated. Im not going to go into it. After the battle was over we were hussled of the field. After the battle we changed and tried to get cool and drink lots of water. The public was good but not alot of ?s. I did see several Mt troopers talking to the ones that we did have. The day was fallowed by some food and drink and lots of laughs. There was a surprise gift from Pumkin. :#er's sound off.

I got up around 0600 and got the meal ready for all of us. We ate and got the day going. The day was another hot one. The morning S&A was short and this time we road into the battle on jeeps with the 45th. We were part of the evelping force that took out the Germans. After this battle we returned to the camp. From there we spent the rest of the day we cooled down and talked to the public. We started to pack up around 1600. We departed around 1730.

I want to make sure to thank everyone for all there help. It is very much appreciated. Thanks again.

DeKalb Parade & Vet Fest: July 29th & 30th

Members Attending: Shawn, Cindy, Kyle, Whitey, Jered, Anthony, Phil

After Action Report:
Kyle Burson: Another belated AAR for the Vet Fest event at the DeKalb Taylor Municipal Airport on the weekend following Thunder Over Michigan.

On Friday night there was a big parade through DeKalb starting at the middle school on 7th and ending by the Egyptian Theater (1 mile). Training weekend was very helpful, but a couple points we can improve on at the fault of no one.

1) Keeping a steady interval
2) Making sure all your weapons have slings
3) Making sure your webgear has been fitted properly
4) Ensuring good communication among the team

After the parade the group headed back to the airport, dropped the gear, and proceeded on to Portillo's where there was much rejoicing.

Anthony had left earlier and Whitey followed after having a meal. Shawn, Kyle, and Jered slept out in the small wall (in broad daylight) and Cindy took refuage in the truck.

The next morning, after coffee and setting up the rest of the display, we sat around and relaxed. We cleaned up any loose ends we had (weapons maintenance, shoe shining) left from previous events. Phil eventually showed up and set up a small medical display as well. The chicken dinner for lunch was excellent!

Eventually we packed up and after speaking with Tim Cook of the 82nd and the event coordinator, we plan on helping (without leading) expand the event for next year. This is Tim Cook's deal though.

A great little event and a great 'detox' from Thunder.


IL State Fair: Friday, August 12th - Sunday, August 14th

Members Attending: Shawn, Cindy, Jered, Kyle, Phil, Lynn, John L., John W., Hellar

After Action Report:
Kyle Burson: Kyle and John met up with Hellar on Friday afternoon to get into the grounds and setup camp. Since Shawn had the canvas, they helped Hellar get his stuff unloaded. John was there with his Korean War display, which he packed up for the day as well.

One sub-part straberry daquari and funnel cake later (John), Shawn showed up with Cindy, they were able to get into the grounds and parked with no problem. Once the canvas was up and the needed items unpacked Jered arrived on the scene. We ran out of passes so Jered had to park in the Arena area. We shuttled his gear into camp and the group split up for dinner (fair food & BBQ). We came across someone that made signs and had an "Enlisted Club" sign made up with beer mugs/coffe cups on them.

The evening went well and we kicked back. We turned in rather early since most were tired from a long week of early days. Jered expanded his mind by reading The Last Ridge. A block party played a mix of music until 2am. It was daylight 24 hours a day, thanks to the streetlights overhead.

The next day we were up, had coffee going, and found some great breakfast at the 17th St. BBQ place. The display was set up and eventually Phil showed up with Lynn (after having to park on the other side of the fairgrounds). Jered discovered his car had been towed the previous night or Saturday morning ($50 tow). Meanwhile, back at the Hall of Justice, we had great crowds, foot traffic that came in waves, and very respectuful public (no handsy people).

Eventually Shawn, Jered, John, and Kyle geared up in whites and proceeded to take the "ski lift" to a place we like to call "fantasy land." It was a great ride and we were able to keep the tickets for later. Upon the return we broke for lunch and secured ourselves pork chops on a stick.

Sooner or later, dinner rolled around and a storm rolled through. Phil and Lynn left for home and the others from the musuem packed up for the night.We found the Sirloin Shack had great food as well. Jered and Kyle, while wandering around looking for the rest of the gang, stumbled upon the Shrine to Bacon - very impressive. We then returned, sat around, conducted some beveraging activities, and played cards. A heavy metal band began just before we decided to turn in (11pm or later). They continued playing sets until 3am. Again, we had broad daylight all night long.

Sunday was a repeat of Saturday except we packed up around 5pm and all left around 6:30 or so after helping Hellar and the rest with their displays.

Positivies: Great event as always, excellent crowds, lots of vets, good food (but expensive), and plenty to see and/or do.

Things to address for next time: Parking/entry tickets (need to stress the importance of carpooling) and issuing ear plugs to all for the evening.

Rockford Work Day: August 27th

Members Attending: Phil, John, Jered, Baily, Kyle, Bill, Dawn, Shawn, Cindy, Rob

After Action Report:
Kyle Burson:
 Well the site is cleaned out again, trees were downed, weeds cut, and ivy removed. We should have enough firewood to last us the weekend, assuming we curb our burn rate a bit. We should have plenty of room for 3-4 horses at the east end and plenty of room for the canvas that we need to bring out. Also should be enough room for display and for us to sit down and spread out in.

We are attempting to secure additional camp space. We spoke with Dave Fornell as well as the 9th ID and are looking at getting either the spot where Yann (the frenchie) was last year to the east of us or all or part of the 9th ID's spot to the west. Or both.... Dave was sympathic to our demands for more Lebensraum.

As of now we plan to set up the following for tentage:

1 - Pyrimdal Tent
2 - Small Walls
2 - Small Wall Flies (off the front of the small walls)

We will be able to sleep 12 people under canvas and this should be plenty. If we somehow obtain more room, we have the option of setting up the unit pyrimdal as well (for storage).

We will probably have a little bit more prep work to do on Thursday/Friday, but there should be plenty of us onsite to take care of it all.

We were able to recruit (if you'd call it that) a new member. Rob Wall, you may know him. After a brief stint at Fort Lenord Wood's stockade, he brought up Pure Michigan Sweet Corn to Shawn's and stopped out with them for the cleanout.

More info on this event will be forthcoming as we get closer. Info will cover: schedule, meals, who's sleeping onsite, if we got more room.

After the event, Shawn and Kyle sat down and figured out some year-end awards business. I suggest you all tally up your total events attended, you may be on the cusp of another award. There are just 4 more events in the year as of now! Additionally, there are some surprise awards as well.

Note: The Union Site Prep and the Rockford Cleanout will count as 'official unit events' and the year-end awards tally.

Fun Fact: As of now, we are looking at a total of 20 possible events this year. Up 7 event from 13 last year.
Sad Fact: If we added just 6 more (and we could), that would be half the weekends in the calendar year!


Lockport, IL: September 9th - September 11th

Members Attending: Rebecca, Michelle, Jered, Taylor, Cindy, Shawn, Kyle

After Action Report:
Kyle Burson:
The unit went down to Lockport for the baseball game on Sunday. Great weather and great site with plenty to see/do. Battlefield is a wide open space, but the park district went about digging in trench lines and fox holes - rather nice! Got to see the Allied SP gun burst out of the woods to try and take on the Tiger, epic, but futile. Great site overall and we should consider this as an event for next year.

Baseball game - Peaches vs. Comets again with nearly full teams on either side. Shawn played primarily as catcher for them and Kyle was out in the outfield. Great game and was a blast! Great to see the WWII Girls Baseball Living History League out there and in such numbers! 

Rockford, IL: Thursday, September 24, 2011 at 12:00pm - Sunday, September 27, 2011, at 5:00pm

Attending: Shawn, Casey, Cindy, Taylor, Kyle, Chris, Phil, John L, Lynn, Anthony, Jered, Michelle, Joe, John L, Greg, Ted, Patrick, Shannon, Bailey, Rebecca, Ward, Bill

After Action Report: 
Shawn Clark: This event is one of the best.  Some members arrived on site as early as Thursday afternoon. When the canvas and a few more Mt troopers arrived a few tents went up and Greg and John had a place to sleep.

Friday morning several more arrived and the main camp was set up. Thanks for those that made it early to help set I was called off for a couple hours and was little help.

After the camp was set up for the school day show or as I call it reenactor day, some went to the vendors and visiting those that we havent seen in a while.

The day was filled with lots of laughs and good time. The camp looked great. The troopers were great. The few kids that were there seemed good. As the day wond down we had a few additions to the group. After hours the 45th and us went to dinner to a fine establishment... HOOTERS yea. After wich we returned to camp and sat by a great fire. A few cups of coffee the night was at an end.

Saturday started nice and early with the bunch of us getting up at the very early hour of 730, or for some a bit earylier or later. lol We got the displays out and prepped and got ourselves ready for S and A. After which we returned to our camps and got ready for the public.

I want to say how great it was that I got to see several of the unit members do an outstanding job of stepping up and taking the lead with talking to the public. Great job.

We were slotted for a town battle Sat afternoon and it was a joke. Sorry.... It was way to crowded. Apparently the entire 82 Airborne Div showed up. I have to say that some of our troopers took the incentive to take charge and head in for some hand to hand so I hear. Outstanding.

After the battle we returned back to camp where some headded out to the vendors again and some ate some went and did....well what ever they wanted. lol. As the day slowed down we all got the site wraped up. The 45th and the 10th MIR attended a medical breiffing. Outstanding job Dock and Kermit. After the evrything settled down we kicked back with friends and food. The pizza was good and so was the salad. Got to love Leno's. I also hear the Outback was very good too. Later that night we attended the dance. As always the men and women of our unit hit the dance floor for some much needed dancing. After which we made our way back to the camp. More coffee and BSing. Apperntly there is a few new nicknames out there.....right .

Sunday started off with coffee and cake and sausage mcmuffins (thanks Ionnone family). After we all were fed and rested we headed out to the parking lot for some much needed D and C training. I have to say that you can really tell which ones have made the trainig. It is something we still need work on but we are defentily getting better. At times we looked like we actually knew what we were doing....up to the part of running them into the trees or car or......

After the training we went back to camp and set up for the day. The public seemed stedy and I heard some great questions. Great job again to all those that talked witht he public. Late morning we were blessed with having a 10th Mt vet stop and see us. He was with the 85th from 43-45. It was outstanding getting to talk to him. He was given the first of the unit coins. I think that was perfect. He is a great guy. His name is Donald Buckland. We decided to attend the main battle. This year the Germans we slotted to win. Apperently not all the US GIs were told this. The battle went as most do.. After which we returned to camp and wrapped the day up. At the end of the day we broke camp. Thanks to those that could stick around and help. It is very much appricieated. After the good byes and the packing a few of us headed up to Steak and Shake for dinner. And that was the weekend.

Kyle received a copy of this AAR this evening from Lt. Col. Bonny of the 45th ID. As it follows the unit closely (and is so well written). I thought I would post for the rest of your reading enjoyment. 

Keith Bonney: This year was the first year that I know of that we drove down on Thursday evening. The timing worked out well, and we were able to get through the Chicago area without any traffic issues. Since there were only four of us going this year, the Clark's were kind enough to let us crash at their house for the evening. We were up before the sun on Friday, enjoyed a wonderful pancake breakfast (Thanks Cindy), and were off to the event to set up our campsite.

Once we had the tent up and our gear stowed away (there's lots of room with only four people in the tent) I decided to go check out the venders for a "first run" of what they had to offer. When I arrived back at our campsite, I discovered the boys busy starting to dig a "horseshoe mg position" (the instructions are listed on the 10th Mtn's web site). Good progress had been made by lunchtime, and by 2pm the position qualified as a "hasty" defensive position (deep enough to kneel, but needed to be about 2 feet deeper to be a "prepared" position). Two members of the 10th Mtn had done a couple of recon missions, so we all went to Hooter's for Friday's evening meal. While everyone else enjoyed the campfire, Matt, Dan, Mike and the two younger Clark's returned to the Clark home to mass produce hand grenades. The only instruction that Shawn issued was that they could not burn down the house - mission accomplished!

The mg position was a big draw for the public on Saturday and I had the chance to talk to one family that had a grandfather serve as a medic in the 45th for the entire war. The boys joined with the 10th Mtn for a town battle at 2pm, but there were so many Airborne in the way during the battle that no one got the chance to fire their weapons. At 3:45 the units were called together and marched to the village chapel for a private training session. Once the public had cleared the building we conducted a historically accurate health training session, including an official war department movie about VD (none of the children or female members of either unit were allowed to attend). Compliments to Doc Phil of the 10th Mtn for putting this together (including replica pro-kits that were passed out to the troops). Perhaps we should consider offering this as a training session that we could put on for other units?

The timing of the training session fit well with the fact that there is always a dance on Saturday night. The boys of the 45th did us proud, as I saw each of them on the dance floor at least once before I left and went back to the camp site to enjoy the fire.

Sunday morning following our breakfast of cold pizza, chocolate cake and coffee, we formed up and marched to the museum parking lot for some drill time. Each person got the chance to lead the squad for basic marching drills. Although there were some interesting moments (dodging a bike carrier and a tree), the group was looking very good at the end of the hour. As we left the parking lot to return to camp there was a nice rain shower to cool us off.

The crowd seemed a bit smaller on Sunday, but the mg position continued to be very popular (especially with 6 young boys that spent about 4 hours fighting the war throughout the Allied woods encampment area. Some members of the 10th Mtn participated in two of the woods battles, but we all went out for the field battle in the afternoon. This year the Germans were scripted to win all of the field battles, and there were some nice pyro during the battle. The battle was about as confused as most are, but I'm sure the public enjoyed it.

According to the annoucer, the preliminary reenactor counts were over 1300 for this year, which make the event the largest in the country for 2011. I want to thank Matt, Dan, and Mike for their hard work both with the tent and the mg positions, the entire 10th Mtn for letting us spend time at their site during the non-public hours, and especially the Clark's for letting us crash at their home Thursday night.


Oregon, IL: Saturday, October 1st, 8:00am - 5:00pm

Members Attending: Sgt Clark, Cpl Clark, Cpl Burson, Taylor made the trip to help set

After Action Report:
Shawn Clark: Well this was a very interesting event. A great recharge after Rockford.

Friday night we all arrived around 6 pm. Once the tents were unloaded we went to dinner and came back to a very cool surprise....A friendly neighbor had brought a fire pit and loaded it with wood and fire starter for us...all we needed was a match. Kyle and I stayed the night. It was a bit cool. lol.

Sat started with a fire and coffee...yes in that order. Around 730 we started set up of the display. And wow what a display it was. I think that it was one of our better 10th displays. Through out the day the cars came in and so did the public. This was a great time to talk to lots of people that dont normally get to see the likes of us. lol Thanks to Chuck Robertes who invited us to this event. He brought out a M29 Weasle A Snow tractor Jeep and a Recoiless rifle. The day was filled with talking to vets and explaining to kids the really cool stuff like a typrwiter and clothes pins....

After the event was over we rapped up and we headed to dinner which was awesome...

45th ID Training Day: Saturday October 8th

Although not an official unit event - due to the short duration of this event and distance from N. Illinois - here is a brief summary of what occurred.

Members Attending: Shawn, Cindy, Taylor, Kyle

After Action Report:
Kyle Burson: The two halves of the Clark clan made separate trips as I had to be back by Sunday. Seeing a Ford pass him with two people in the windows waving their :#ER shirts was quite a sight to behold! A brief stop in Kalamazoo to drop off Taylor for her date with Pumpkin and to pickup Dan was made on the way to Eaton Rapids.

Dan rode along with Kyle and in the last few miles they were pulled over by Michigan's Finest while they were waiting for Shawn and Cindy, who were following - but took another route. Long story short, I had to pull my M1 on the state troopers before they let Dan and me on our way.

We arrived at Rob & Linda's place and chit-chatted for awhile before putting up the one pyramidal we needed for sleeping quarters. There would only be four of us the first night in the tent. Soon Keith showed up and hung around until he had to take off for home. Taylor and Pumpkin showed up eventually after an evening out at Olive Garden and Build-A-Bear. Little Fish is the bear's name and if the apple doesn't fall far from the tree, it too will need photos on the menu.

The training conducted on Saturday went very well and was a recap of other training sessions. There was marching and facing done and we practiced more advanced things (for us), such as obliques and to the rear marches. Eventually we went down to the dirt road and practiced some more there and also did some work on spacing in a road march.

Afterwards we kicked back, fed ourselves, and enjoyed a great bonfire. I eventually took off and the trip home only took me a few hours. Shawn, Cindy, and Taylor will have to fill in what happened Sunday.

Ft. Custer Fall Tactical: Friday, October 21st - Sunday, October 23rd

Members Attending: Shawn Clark, Casey Clark, Kyle Burson, John Lauricella, Chris Melanson, Jered Hart

After Action Report:
Kyle Burson: Okay so here it is the Fall Ft. Custer.

We showed up Friday and got through security with members of the 45th - no issues there!

Once we settled in and got the barracks organized, we went and registered and then headed on to the reenactor's RETO class. The 45th's I&R platoon was able to secure photographs of the enemy's objectives for the next day - well played!

The bunch then headed on down to the All Ranks Club and had a few coctails and played pool (warm up for later).

The bunch eventually left and returned to the barracks where they eventually turned in (after some amount of joking and recollecting of the March tactical).

Saturday morning started off dark and early as the moment Shawn was up, the rest of the bunch were up. We were all shortly dressed, coffied up, and assembled for transportation to the ammo dump. A short truck ride out found us reunited with our ammo and loaded up again to head out to Training Area 5. We used only 1/4 of that area, and it is probably well and good as it is quite wooded and very hilly.

The opening plan was for the combined 10th (lead by yours truly) and 45th (led by Matt Zimer) under Shawn's command to run up the center (was going to be a messy job just looking at the map), the rangers would go driving south along the road, and Commonwealth probe north.

Shortly after kick off we were on the move due East along the slope of the E-W ridge that ran between Axis and Allied CPs. It wasn to 10 minutes before the Germans had us on three sides. They had rushed men forward in trucks to take the high ground and had others moving through the woods at a jog. Every time we fell back to regroup or moved one way or another we were caught again on three sides. We hadn't even reached the first objective!

The morning consisted of this continually, we'd try a new direction and run into a wall (usually a MG or a tag team of MP40s or MP44s). Germans were well concealed and played well. Lots of hits taken for little gains.

It was not until about 1100 that we made fair progress. A German MG holding the road was finally taken out and we moved into "Death Valley" and proceeded to march our way down the ridge and then along it towards the German's side of the field. The rangers held our rear and watched the road while we tried an end run ---- and battered our way against Wiking the entire way. Lots of hits taken on either side, but apparently not enough for some indivuals. There was sooooo much butthurt over this.

Eventually we were able to pass up and secure roughly 4 objectives, some with time limitations. Before we knew it, the day had progressed to 2pm and we were able to send teams to retrieve them and haul them back. Eventually we dared up the road and through much sneaking we were able to secure another objective by the motor pool (construction equipment). All were quite tired as we had been over that ground at least 20 times with little to show (or so it felt).

The end of the day we split the squads, half went to pass on more butthurt and the other half deployed around the CP as guards. We expected the Germans to hit our CP one last time that day, but an attack never materialized.

We returned to the barracks via truck again and arrived just a moment too late. A National Guard unit was doing an exercisel and their OP4 were looking for some help and given just a moment or two longer we would have fallen in with them, deployed the MG down the road, distributed the 'grenades, and spread out along the barracks, but alas they had to move and so did we. We watched their training exercise from the balcony of our barracks. Very interesting and still a bit green.

We learned that the signal "IED RIGHT" does not mean "GET TO THE RIGHT SIDE OF THE ROAD". Sooo much butthurt. Then one of the OP4 opened up on them.... soooooooooooo much more butthurt. They became quickly combat ineffective and had more casualties than people to carry them out.

We cleaned up and headed on back to the All Ranks Club for dinner, which was very tasty. Alfons announced that the day's battle was indeed a DRAW, 13-13. Not much longer thereafter there was more pool played and John L. and Matt Z. went 7-0. Sooo much buthurt over this.

Lights out came quickly, but not all were as tired as in March. The next morning we were up with the dark again and had packed up and cleaned up in time for breakfast at Bob Evans in Kalamazoo. Quite tasty and enough to make you sleepy on the way home Sunday morning.