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This is a listing and brief overview of most of the vendors or sources for everything listed within the Quartermaster section. We try to be as objective as possible when reviewing them and give our honest opinion.

Sorted by alphabetical order. 

At The Front (ATF)
Rollin at ATF is known to rant, so just stopping by the webpage to read the latest rant is worth it. ATF focuses on US and German strictly and usually has something in the works. ATF is a 'realist', if you could call a company that. They realize that "Made in the USA" isn't cost-effective, nobody would pay the actual cost of having things made in the USA, so they do it when economically feasible. ATF shoots for top quality and dead-on accuracy, but will make 'accommodations' when the price to the consumer is going to be too high or the originals just aren't big enough for 'modern men'. AFT's products aren't cheap, but they will go many miles.

Just be careful with eBay, you need to know what you are looking for and what it should cost. Many a great steal has been had by our unit members thanks to eBay, but it takes patience and time. A ski boot or mountain tent priced at $500 is common, but don't delude yourself into believing that is the true value.

Event Vendors
This is a bit vague since it may includes, quite often, ATF & R&R. But there are a few other vendors or individuals at events who have setup tables that have things for sale. Their supply is spotty, but usually the more general items can be found. Many of these vendors have original items as opposed to reproductions.

Sportsman's Guide (SG)
Not so hot as far as quality, accuracy, and wide selection, but certainly cheaper than some other sources. Not that bad if you need something to beat up, abuse, and not care if it makes it through to the other side.

R&R Militaria (R&R)
A great starting place with the basic uniforms you'll need. They sell originals and reproductions of decent quality. You will find R&R mainly at events as a vendor. 

What Price Glory (WPG)
WPG has a great deal of mountain uniforms and is basically the only supplier outside of the trousers from WWII Impressions. They have a lot of uniforms and gear for other impressions also. Good quality generally, but shipping with them is a bit odd sometimes - they have a warehouse in the United Arab Emirates. 

WWII Impressions
Most reenactors agree that WWII Impressions is just about as high as you can get on the quality/accuracy scale for reproductions. Their focus is US Army and USMC, so they have a very fine focus and a wide product line. When you see that top end price on the price category, this is generally where that price is coming from if WWII Impressions is listed for that item. You won't find WWII Impressions at any events (except maybe Rockford from time to time), so online is the way to go. 


Atlantic Wall Blanks
Rob over at AWB usually has most things in stock and keeps his webpage up to date. Only downside right now is how expensive brass is in general (and how rare it seems to be sometimes), factor in the fact that Rob sells 30.06 by the 90 count instead of 100 and you have the greater sense you're being robbed. Nevertheless, they're the people to go to.

Gopher Munitions
Another blank supplier who's supply is also sketchy due to the times. Prices match AWB for the most part. Works just as well.

HOT HOT HOT! These blanks are HOT! Loud and HOT! You will need a larger BFA if you use these blanks as they are HOT BLANKS. Did I mention they run HOT? 


Civilian Marksmanship Program (CMP)
If you're looking for a M1 Garand this is the place to go. They sometimes have M1 Carbines and M1903 Springfields (out of stock currently). They are all rebuilt, checked out, graded, and then sold for relatively cheap. Available to order through the mail or by walk-ins. You do need to jump through some hoops though.

The eBay of guns, gun parts, and related items. Rather expensive (just like eBay), however usually a pretty good selection. If you're looking for something simple and common (ex: M1911 grips or a Type 99 Arisaka), this is the place to go. I wouldn't suggest it for buying M1 Garands, Carbines, etc... Too much markup. That is not to say that there can't be 'good deals' found.