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Unit Made & Other

These are things that members of our can unit produce or know of where to get. Additionally, items here that don't fall into other categories will be listed here.


Made in the Unit:

So over the years we've learned a thing or two about how to do things, make things, or repair things.

Folding Table
A basic folding table that is just about as close as one needs a field table to be. Great for display, functional use, etc..

M1A1 Bazooka
Still in the works and only planned to be a limited run. Shawn and Kyle know how to make one, so talk to them if you're interested in building one for yourself.

K-Rat Box
Shawn plans on reverse-engineering one over the winter of 2010/2011.

Those T-Shirts
Have you seen those white t-shirts with the Pando Bear or mountaineer skiing on them? Perhaps the WAC ones for 5th Army? Shawn can help you get ones made up for yourself. He knows somebody that can screen print them. There is also a cafe-press site too with much more you can order from.

Postcards, letters, cartons, packaging, etc..
See some paper items that you want that we have? Well, it's just a matter of a scanner and paper (sometimes we already have it scanned and have the paper). Talk to Phil, Kyle, or Rebecca, they have probably the most saved up and know-how on the paper items. 

Helmet Finishing:
Phil can best explain how to re-finish your helmet. It's a matter of textured spray paint and OD spray paint. Sometimes we have it, if not it's a few bucks for both.

Patch Sewing:
Sewing a patch on and it isn't coming out straight? Either: 1) ask your mother, 2) have a professional do it (and pay), 3) sucker somebody else into doing it, 4) learn through trial and error.

Tips from Kyle:
  • Use two pins to hold the top and bottom in place.
  • Put the shirt/jacket on and look at it in a mirror while pinned, if it looks good, carefully take the jacket off.
  • For 10th Patch & Mountain Tab: Tab should rest 'on top' of the patch. The tab should come roughly 1" below the shoulder seam. Tab and patch should be 'level' with the shoulder seam. It will look crooked to the pattern of the sleeve (which is curved forward), don't worry too much.
  • For Rank Insignia: Figure about 1.5"-2" below the 10th Patch
  • Use a thimble! Save your fingers!
  • Pick out thread that matches the color of the edge of the patch you're sewing.
  • Before sewing completely around the patch, sew just at the top and bottom one or two stitches to hold it in place. You can also do the left and right sides (recommended for first-timers and rank insignia).
  • Remove the pins and finish her up!
  • For Newbies: 
      • Take a length of thread, cut about 5' (or whatever you feel is enough - MUCH BETTER to have MORE than not enough), 
      • Fold in half
      • Take the end with the ends and thread needle
      • Take the looped end and put a few knots in close to the end
      • Take jacket/shirt in hand, come from the INSIDE, push needle to OUTSIDE, going through the jacket/shirt and the back of the patch (near edge). 
      • Pull needle and thread through until taught. 
      • Push the needle through the OUTSIDE of the jacket/shirt NEAR the edge of the patch, but NOT THROUGH the patch, should be about 2mm 'down' the patch in one direction or another. 
      • Pull needle through and repeat. You should end up looking at a pattern that looks a lot like this: \\\\\\\\\
      • When finished, go to the INSIDE, push the needle through the last loop and tie off a knot, do this again a few times. 
      • Cut thread
  • Be careful that you're not pulling the patch one way or another while sewing.
  • Put on a movie, sit back, and take your time.
  • If you are really good, on a jacket, you will not sew through to the inner liner. Meaning, only the outer shell/layer is sewn on and no threads are seen on the inside.

The points go up, not down.


The Kiska patch goes point down (best photo I had of one).