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Does anyone know what this article is referencing? Go cart? Huh? What?
Answer: The 10th Mountain Division, being responsible for developing and testing new equipment had a wide array of equipment that was used in and around Camp Hale. This article describes one such vehicle. Another one, described by Chuck Roberts, was something that was like a motorbike with skis used to pull cargo and men around.

Instead of a Photo of the Week I am including articles as well (for lack of photos).
This one comes courtesy of the Colorado Historic Newspapers Collection and was published in the Ski-zette on Saturday, September 30, 1944.
(It probably didn't apply to Mountain Troops)

Jered trying to get his boot off at JB.
(yes, this caption is correct)

John "Fluffing the Beef" at the Annual Meeting

Rockford, 2012. Just another weekend around the campfire.
New Game: Can you spot the Farb?

The 5th Army WACs attached to the 10th Mountain Division
Cindy, Lynn, and Michelle.
Rockford, 2012

Pvt. Armbruster is awarded with a unit challenge coin for going above and beyond as a member.
He has not only sheltered the unit under canvas, but has also served as a valuable source of info on the 10th and its history.
"But that's not the worst part...."
He also has clearly defined what 'a little' means.

The unit at Reclaiming Our Heritage, 2012
From left to right: Shawn, Cindy, and Bill

Members of the "Somethin'-La-Jolie" stop at the S. Elgin "Rails to Victory" Event in June
Seen in Picture (somewhere): Anthony, Jered, John, and Kyle
Members of the 45th ID I&R Platoon (somewhere): Doug, Dan, Paul and Keith

Taylor, Pumpkin, Dan, and Jered at Lowell watching the Peaches play ball.

Casablanca's 70th Anniversary Showing
Left to Right: Rebeca, Alina, Kyle, John, Phil, Lynn, Anthony, Misty, Cindy, and Shawn
This will be photo of the week until we get some new photos from 2012.

Phil, Adam, and Kyle at Cantigny Park, 2009

Photo of the Week
Cpl. Kilroy Shooter out in the snow, 2011.

Unit members of the 10th and 45th Divisions receive a medical lecture and training at Rockford, 2011.

Hey Read this:

Interesting story, you may have seen this photo before (I have).

Adam, John, and Shawn (left three), at Thunder Over Michigan 2010 moving to the next berm.

Taylor Clark at her first event, the Batavia VFW Memorial Day event ('09).
If there was as thought bubble it'd read: "ugh, this is so weird and none of these guys in this unit talks to me."
Yea..... all that's about to change.

Bill Maddox of the 10th Mounted Recon, in Civil War era uniform (I know, wrong era), 
at the First Division Museum (I know, wrong division) at Cantigny Park performing in a War Letters program
This is our first event for the new reenacting year.
Shadow/Reflection of Phil Lauricella on the right. 

10/31/11 - BOO!
The combined forces of the 10th and 45th gather around at Ft. Custer for a briefing.

The unit (inside) attends a training in the Church at Rockford, 2011.
Ward Brown (10th Mounted Recon) rests outside.

Above Photo:
Sunday at Rockford, 2011
10th Mountain LHDG members meet WWII 10th Mountain Veteran, Donald Buckland, of the 85th MIR
Left to right: Phil, Anthony, Whitey, Jered, Donald, John, Shawn

Supper Time at Thunder Over Michigan, 2011
Fried Chicken...
Hitting the spot since the 19th century, when cast iron became widely available.

From left to right:
Shawn (back), Kyle, Whitey, John (sitting), Dan (of the 45th)

John, Adam, Jim, Phil, Joe, and Kyle
Rockford, 2007

John, Shawn, Jered, and Kyle
Illinoi State Fair, 2011


Thunder Over Michigan 2011
Left to Right: Pvt. Hart, Cpl. Burson, Pvt. Fain, Pvt. Clark, Sgt. Clark, Cpl. Melanson, Pvt. Lauricella
It was hot... Mountain Uniform was not going to fly....

Unit Training Weekend, 7/16/11 - 7/17/11
The Struggle Bus.... split in two.
It was also...
run into a garden
run into a tree
run into a fence
run into itself

Did it, "just like last night, only better".

July 4th, 2011
Pic of the Week:

Photo of the week:
Adam & Phil during the PTO battle at Yorkville, 2011
Early-War Army Impressions

4/24/11 Picture of the Week:

Need to insert John Saving here

4/17/11 Picture of the week:

3/20/11 Picture for several Weeks:
The Old Man...

3/13/11 Picture of the "Week":

2/27/11 Pic Of the Week:

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