On February 13, 1985 the 10th Mountain Division (Light Infantry) was reactivated. The division was based out of Ft. Benning, GA until it was moved in 1988 to Ft. Drum. The division, in order to conform to the reorganization of the Army, became brigade based, as opposed to regimental based. The Light Infantry designation aimed to have the 10th Mountain Division able to deploy rapidly anywhere in the world.

Twelve-hundred soldiers of the division were sent over for Operation Desert Storm in 1990 and were returned by June of 1991 to Fort Drum. The following year Hurricane Andrew hit Florida in August. The 10th Mountain Division assumed responsibility for relief efforts about a month later. They built shelters, provided medical attention, and delivered supplies to the displaced and homeless. The division completed their operations in Florida in October.

In December of 1993 the division was sent over for Somalia in Operation Restore Hope. The 10th Mountain fought in what became known as the Battle of Mogadishu and was part of the rescue forces. The division had two men killed in this battle. It was not until March of 1994 that the entire division had returned to Drum.

It was not much longer until the situation in Haiti called for US action. The 10th Mountain was deployed again, taking the Port-au-Prince International Airport and assisting in creating a stable environment for the Aristide government and democratic elections.