History of the 10th Mountain Division

It all started back in November of 1941 when the 87th Mountain Infantry Regiment was activated. The elite ski troops trained at Camp Hale for most oWorld War II. Once finally sent overseas, they fought their way up the Italian peninsula, something other divisions repeatedly tried and made little headway at. Since then the 10th Mountain Division has become the most deployed division in US history. The 10th was brought back in 1948, but lost its "Mountain" designation during the early years of the Cold War. The 10th, during this time, was based out of Ft. Riley, Kansas as a training division, but later sent to Germany as a combat division. In 1958 the division was deactivated for a second time. 

It was many more years before the 10th was reactivated again in 1985 and moved to Ft. Drum in upstate New York. The 10th was given the "Mountain" tab back, designated "Light Infantry", and was trained for quick deployment anywhere in the world. The division has been sent overseas for Desert Storm, Somalia, Haiti, Kosovo, Afghanistan, and Iraq. Additionally, the 10th was sent to Florida after Hurricane Andrew to help in the relief efforts there.