Unit Standards

When you meet us you will learn quickly that we are not an uptight, rule-encumbered, or strict group of individuals. If anything we are the opposite. However, we do have some basic expectations and rules. These are mostly common sense and they are broken down here into Unit Expectations, Safety Standards, and Authenticity Standards.

Unit Expectations:

As a unit we are out to honor those who have served, teach the public, "play army", and have fun. We are not sticklers or hardliners when it comes to this hobby... it's our passion, not jobs.
  • Members are expected to conduct themselves in a 'military manner' at all times while at events, especially when the public or other units are present. Our unit has a reputation for professionalism and we wish to keep it that way.
  • Members are expected to treat other members with respect, at events or otherwise.
  • Members are expected to follow the rules at the event they are at and respect them. Members are not required to like them, just obey them. As we say, "Not our event", meaning that we are guests and must abide by the rules. At an event we host, we may set the rules as we see fit and run the event as we see fit.
  • Members are expected to follow the orders of their superiors in the field, most notably the commanding officer, his second, or whoever remains along the chain of command.
  • Members are expected to not create headaches for their superiors. Be this the CO, his second, your parent/guardian, wife, or whoever else remains along the chain of command. When you are elected to be in unit leadership for a year, you will understand this rule more.
  • Members are expected to reduce their own amount of 'farb', but not negatively criticize another for having it.
  • Members should be informed, communicate, follow through, and own up.
  • Members should work hard, play hard, have fun, party like rock stars, and take nothing too seriously.

Safety Standards:

At events there can be thousands of public spectators. Safety is always our #1 priority, cliché but true. We do not wish to see a reenactor or spectator injured or killed due to an unsafe situation. You would not believe the amount of paperwork that this creates. Thus, here are a few standards:
  • Live ammunition is never allowed at events! (unless of course it's an event at a rifle range, duh)
  • Weapons not in use must be unloaded at all times.
  • Blank ammunition must be kept out of reach of the public.
  • After weapons demonstrations or battle reenactments public spectators should be instructed to check for unfired blanks (primer not dimpled, when shook they sound like a salt shaker) if they find them and/or if unsure that they be turned over to a unit member or other reenactor for inspection. 
  • Public may handle unloaded firearms while being monitored. The public should observe proper firearm safety: point the weapon in the air, finger off the trigger, treat it as loaded, and do not work the action (we don't need kids getting M1 thumb or trying to jam the bolt of a Springfield back and ruin a follower plate - or worse).
  • Although common sense, keep your weapon clean! A clean weapon is less likely to malfunction, jam, or fail in a spectacular manner. Blanks are 10x more dirty than live rounds and will gum up the works much quicker. 
  • If you need help in monitoring the public (the weapons rack being swarmed is a common occurrence), ask for help from another unit member in watching the public. We don't need a weapon walking off on us or weapons being mis-handled by the public. A good rule is to have 1 person always and 2 if you know there are 'mobs' of people.
  • Edged weapons should be kept sheathed at all times (only a handful of exceptions: show & tell (and then put away), photo poses, bayonet drill, etc.).
  • Members should 'police' the public whenever necessary. Event staff and MPs/FGs cannot always be everywhere. Help the event staff out and keep the public safe. Some people don't understand that a tank is heavy, has limited vision, and will squish you.
  • Pedestrians always have the right of way!
  • Open fires should be kept away from tents, displays, or easily flammable material (straw).
  • If you see something unsafe occurring, intervene where reasonably possible or inform event staff/local authorities.
  • When in doubt, do not do it.
Authenticity Standards:

Our unit has a great deal of latitude when it comes to which uniform to wear, what field gear to use, and equipment to carry. However, some authenticity standards exist:
  • Members are expected to wear uniforms and equipment that are correct for the period and of accurate construction (if reproduction or post-war dated).
  • Members are expected to keep uniforms, equipment, and field gear in serviceable condition. This does not necessarily mean clean, dirty is okay, but items should be kept in good order. 
  • Members should have a correct, period, haircut.
  • Members should strive to acquire period eyeglasses (if needed) or wear contacts. Those with period eyeglasses can help you out in this.
  • Members should strive to ensure that modern intrusions (e.g. water bottles, cell phones, food containers, etc.) are eliminated entirely or kept out of sight (covered or in/behind a tent).
  • Members are not required to count stitches, compare color swatches, or measure sideburns.
  • Members should consider authenticity rules to apply when the event is open to the public. After hours, anything goes (within reason).
A great document that may help you along is this one that compares authenticity to gold