The Ideal 10th Mountain Impression

It is necessary to state the "ideal" impression for 10th Mountain Division. Just showing up in whatever WWII uniform you have or can get is acceptable, but not the "ideal". The "ideal" is by no means necessary, required, or suggested, it merely is stated here as an answer to, "Well, if we had to describe an ideal impression it would be..."

All of this would be worn/carried by one individual at one time. It should total out at over 120lbs. Some items would be stored in/on the rucksack (90lbs +) or on your field gear (denoted by an *). The field gear may be stored in the rucksack. This gear listing is sampled from the D-Series, so it was meant for cold weather. We added a few extra additions. No, we do not expect you to wear all this in August. 

Wool Shirt
Wool Trousers
Ski Cap
Jeep Cap *
M1 Helmet
Web Belt
Mountain Suspenders 
White T-Shirt
Boxer Shorts 
Long Underwear
4 pair Ski Socks *
3 pair Regular Socks *
Sweaters *
Mountain Jacket
Mountain Trousers
Ski Trousers *
Mountain Boots with insoles 
OD Mountain Gaiters 
White Mountain Gaiters *
Overwhites *
Mittens w/trigger finger

Field Gear: (depends on role/weapon, rifleman stated here) 
M1936 Suspenders *
Cartridge Belt *
M1942 First Aid Kit *
Carslile Bandage *
Canteen Cup *
Canteen *
Canteen Cover *
Rucksack *

Folding e-tool & cover *
Mountain Sleeping Bag *
Mountain Tent, poles, pins *
Spare Canteen & Cup (inside sleeping bag) *
Cook set w/cook stove * (or Cook Stove Fuel Can *)
Mess Kit *
Snow Goggles (2) *
Mountain Brush *
Climbing Skins *
Snowshoes, Bearpaw *
Ski repair Kit *
Ski Waxes (4/ea)  *
Skis & Poles
Wristlets *
Gas Mask *
Crampons *
Wire cutters *
Cleaning Rod *
Oil & Bore Cleaner *
Dubbing *
Towel *
Toilet Articles * (shaving kit, toilet paper, toothbrush, foot powder, etc.)
Sewing Kit *
Spare Laces & Innersoles *
Muffler *
Barracks Bag *
Compass *
Mountain Knife
Binoculars & Case (NCOs and Officers)

Weapon Related:
M1 Garand
M1 Bayonet & Scabbard *
80-160 Rounds of Ammunition *
M1911A1 Pistol & Holster (NCOs and Officers) *

Personal IDs and Papers
Notebook, pencils, cigarette case, personal effects, etc.
C, K, or Mountain Rations (3 day supply) *

Comes to roughly 120+ pounds

Lets add some more weight!

Optional Additional:
Radio & Batteries
BAR & Ammo
Mortar (split between 2 soldiers) & ammo (4 bearers)
M1919A4 LMG (on a sled, maybe)