Uniform, Field Gear, Equipment, and Weapons

This section is designed to give individuals completely new to reenacting an understanding of what basic uniforms, field gear, and equipment is needed to come out and 'play'. Additionally, more 'advanced' uniforms and field gear are detailed here for those interested in how to improve or go beyond the basics.

The one of the two Basic Uniforms will get you out onto the field with us. They are described at the top of the uniform page. The Class B will go the farthest, but the HBT Fatigue Uniform has definite upside also. A uniform is all that you will need at minimum to get out in the field with us. 

We have taken the time to lay out the 'ideal' 10th Mountain impression. This consists of the full uniform, pack, all the equipment, rations, and gear a mountaineer would have had to carry.

Field gear is broken down into two elements, web gear and packs. Web gear varies depending upon your role within the unit, what weapon you carry, and personal need. When in doubt about what is right for you, ask! Packs are also described in this section, the mountain rucksack is the pack of choice, but only originals exist. They can be had cheaply, but tend to rip/fall apart since they are 60+ years old.

Equipment also varies depending on what your role is, but also on what you need as a soldier. Some soldiers ditched different pieces of equipment and picked up others. Equipment may also be dictated by your choice of pack and web gear.

Weapons are described herein. The standard rifle would be the M1 Garand, but we will take whatever you have or can afford (on this list) for the most part.

To reiterate, the BARE NECESSITY is a uniform. Our unit can help supply you with one for your initial events. Web gear, packs, equipment all are important (and you should strive to acquire if you stay with our unit), but not absolutely necessary for a beginner at his/her first event. 

Before you go out and start purchasing or looking around for specific items, please visit the Quartermaster page for great hints and tips and also contact the unit CO, president, or any other member of our unit, all will help you a great deal in your search and be able to guide you in your choices.

On this website, links have been provided so you can see what is being discussed. The links are to At The Front's web page, a WWII reproduction uniform & equipment company. "ATF" does an excellent job at taking many pictures of individual items, so this is the main reason they are being used on this site. There are other vendors that supply the same items below (sometimes at lower price), they are listed on the Quartermaster page with a short review. ATF, in the author's opinion, is the best bang for your buck and is a well-respected company within the reenacting community. Their products are accurate, well-made (sometimes in the USA [less so as time goes by]), and reasonably priced.