Enlistment Information

If you have any questions or if you are interested in reenacting with the 10th Mountain Division, please contact our Commanding Officer or President through the contact page.

Members are strongly encouraged to also become a member of the Living History Reenactment Association (LHRA) or the WWII Historical Reenactment Society (HRS). The HRS & LHRA is an organization for WWII reenactors which provides reenacting liability insurance to its membership. HRS or LHRA or other recognized society membership is required at nearly all events we attend during the year in the Midwest region; event registrations will ask for proof of membership.

Membership with LHRA, HRS, or other society is not required by our unit, but you will need it if you plan on participating with us in the field.

After your second event, and indication that you wish to continue with the 10th Mountain, there is a one time chapter due of $20 and an annual membership of $20 owed to our parent organization in Colorado (half comes back to the chapter). Family membership is $30 (half comes back). These funds are used to support our members, maintain and expand unit property, and pay for member benefits. If that seems steep, talk to some of the members, you get this back - and then some - in goodies, if not 10th Mountain Patches alone.

There is no minimum event requirement or anything similar. Come to all, come to none. Come as a spectator or come as a participant. We treat this as a hobby (which it is), not work (although sometimes it feels like it).