Humane Introduction!!!

Hello googlers, I would like to tell you about the ten joys of cleaning on this site! When I say cleaning I mean house work! Yes, there you go. One thing you must remember is: If your home is not tidy you may lose a lot of respect from people. Don't worry, if you take notice of my top ten joys and the list on making cleaning easier you'll do just fine and will never topple from the peak of whatever social status you may have cultivated on the basis that your home is messy. In fact, with my help, you may just gain some extraneous and internal respect! Remember: I do not wish to patronise anyone and if I bring up some pretty obvious points along the way it is purely to be user friendly and to advise the start-outs. Remember, I'm here for you if you need any help. Contact me on for some personal advice. Apart from this you will also find some information on how to write a good horror story along with some information (not finished, being developed) about how to get to know your own mind. The cleaning is of course the main feature of this site, but I would consider the other features just as important for the sites developmental process.
Also on my site you will find information on-
  • How to write a good horror story- Writing
  • The key to concentration and how to master you're own mind- The Mind
More subjects will be added and existing  ones will be changed over time. This site is important to me and will therefore look after it as best I can! Remember to e-mail me if you feel the need and I will read your comment prior to typing it on to the your comments page. If you do not want the message displayed, please tell me. Also I must tell you that I will not publish anything offensive. Any offense will be reported and your access to the site denied. Thankyou for viewing my site and I look forward to reading your messages!
Coming soon:!!!!!! I'll bet you're thinking: I can't wait, hurry up! Well it should be here pretty soon so sit tight and you'll be able to visit the site of the creator of this website!!!!!! This site will act as a news forum for Tim, letting you know what is happening in his life and so on. This does not mean that information on this site will be changed, it's just that this page will be informative rather than just introductory.
Here It Is! The Site is officially open! See quotes and information! is now open. It will (when completed) contain photographs of his art work (only originals), samples of his writing and some of his poetry. The site address is above!
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