Narrow kitchen table - Black glass top table - Modern pool table lights.

Narrow Kitchen Table

narrow kitchen table
    kitchen table
  • a table in the kitchen
  • A kitchen is a room or part of a room used for cooking and food preparation.
  • not wide; "a narrow bridge"; "a narrow line across the page"
  • a narrow strait connecting two bodies of water
  • A narrow channel connecting two larger areas of water
  • make or become more narrow or restricted; "The selection was narrowed"; "The road narrowed"

Kitchen Nightmares 8/365
Kitchen Nightmares 8/365
Had to do a murder mystery dinner event tonight for 100 people. The day started off great. Knocked out all the plated salads and had them ready to go for the 6 pm seating. Main entrees were to be served at 7:40 pm. I started prepping chicken portobello and flat grilled tilapia and shrimp skewers. 7 came around and my restaurant filled up with a family reunion function. I began to get nervous as I had to start plating in 20 mins to make serving time. Dinner orders started pouring in and I began knocking out as many as I could, thankfully my friend came in to help me with the restaurant. She took over the dinner tickets while I ran up stairs with 100 uncooked dinners. Sheet trays of chicken ,fish, shrimp, and bread filled my ovens to full capacity. Wild Rice steaming away. Alfredo Pesto and lemon buree blanc being made side by side at the same time, a whisk in each hand, I felt like a dj in a club spinning records. The fish, chicken and shrimp are minutes away from being done, so I start laying down 50 plates on a long narrow table. First up, chicken portobello. I Grab my steaming pan of wild rice and start throwing down rice on each plate, followed by a blend of peppers and carrots. Grab the Chicken from the oven and start placing a piping hot breast on each plate, followed by a 2 ounce ladle of basil pesto alfredo. Getting close to the last plate and I notice that none of my banquet runners are around. I start frantically texting my director of sales to find out why no one is here. Turns out they are downstairs in the restaurant trying to sort out issues with the server's inability to take a proper order. Finally, they arrive in my little kitchen like a swat team excuting a warrant, they start grabbing plates three at a time. Now I am in the zone, until they start bringing plates back! The show is running late and they need ten more minutes was mumbled. Now I start freaking out. I have no way to keep the plates hot and the fish and shrimp are over cooking. I am staring at 50 steaming hot plates rapidily becoming cold plates! Fish becomingdry and shrimp turning into hockey pucks... Finally, they are ready to be served. At this point Im just praying for the best. I start plating the fish and shrimp as fast as one man can. 5 minutes later chicken starts coming back because its cold! The last plate leaves my kitchen and a guest from the party walks into my kitchen to inform me and the sales director that the chicken was rubbery and cold. I tried to explain what had happened, but of course he didnt want to hear that. At this point I had enough and just left out the back door to start thinking of damage control tactics. Thankfully, only a few people had issues with their dinners. Tonight started off so good, but quickly turned into a kitchen nightmare all because of ten little minutes.
Globe of Light
Globe of Light
Located on the Danforth, Globe Bistro is the next hottest place to visit for food aficionados, mainly due to the growing appeal of eating fresh and local. Upon entering the premises, one is greeted by a darkened lounge/bar area for casual drinks and chit chat. Passing through a narrow walkway, an open peek into the kitchen is offered before stepping into the full dining area. The main dining room consists of a lower and second story dining area with a 16 foot vaulted ceiling. Of interest, the floors still reflect its past life as a bowling alley. Helpful service is attentive when the dining room is relatively free, but hard to flag down as the evening progresses and when rushed for the next seating. We were happy to note that our server, Andy, was candid with us regarding evening recommendations, particularly when three of our dining companions wished to order the Oven Roast Black Cod. Not only did he mention that that was not a personal favourite, he also noted that there was apparently a plate that was just sent back to the kitchen. I already knew from another friend's experience at Globe that the cod was not a stellar dish, but the fact that Andy was kind enough to ensure that our dining experience was top notch by reiterating this personal opinion was a bonus. Food wise, prime products are sourced mostly from Cumbrae Farms and La Ferme, where Chef Ben Heaton spins them into a respectable selection of land and sea. Although lacking oomph to propel Globe as one of the top dining destinations of Toronto, the attention Chef Heaton pays to showcase the best of the best is apparent and would continue to provide picky palates with much to laud about.

narrow kitchen table
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