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  • Baby Toys Records is an independent Russian recording studio that produces high quality music in almost all styles from classic to electronic. Baby Toys Records represents a "listen-before-you-buy" online music service.
  • VTech is the common name of Video Technology Ltd. (, ), a Hong Kong-based manufacturer of consumer electronics. VTech products include cordless telephones and accessories, single-function computers such as email appliances, and simple computerized educational toys for children, including the V.
  • A pioneer of 900 MHz cordless phones. First to put headset jacks and caller ID in cordless phones. Also maker of children's computers.
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Vtech - Discovery Nursery Farm
Vtech - Discovery Nursery Farm
Little ones will love the cute animals as they guide the way on a fun filled farm adventure. Lots of cheerful melodies, nursery rhymes, friendly voice and an easy to turn book will keep your child stimulated and entertained for hours while they learn and discover. And with many features to push, roll and rotate, Baby will also develop fine motor skills while having lots of fun with animals!

Even urban babies will delight in getting down on the farm with the adorable animals on this interactive learning toy. There’s plenty here to keep baby busy. He can push piano keys to hear notes or learn colors and numbers; tap, slide, or roll any of the farm animals to hear their sounds or songs; or turn the pages on the book to hear one of two favorite childhood melodies: Old MacDonald or Mary Had a Little Lamb. Buttons are large enough for even the youngest child to manipulate easily and baby will hone his fine motor skills (as well as his language development and visual awareness) while exploring. While some customer reviews express concern that the swinging pig is a pinching hazard for little fingers, it appears that this character has been raised higher to allow a safe amount of space underneath it. The volume control offers two sound levels but, even on the lower level, some parents might find the bombardment of different noises to be grating on their ears—especially when they hear Old MacDonald baa-ed by the sheep or quacked by the duck for the hundredth time. However, kids up to the preschool age enjoy the songs immensely, making this a long-lasting toy. To preserve the battery life, an automatic shut-off feature kicks in if the farm is left untouched for a few minutes. The Discovery Nursery Farm comes with two short-term "AA" batteries for immediate play out of the box. --Cristina Vaamonde

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***Like New Vtech Discovery Nursery Farm $12.00***
***Like New Vtech Discovery Nursery Farm $12.00***
***Like New Vtech Discovery Nursery Farm $12.00*** V-Tech Discovery Nursery Farm is a lot of fun for little ones - it has many stimulating activites, plays a variety of songs and teaches colors etc. This toy is in "MINT" condition from a smoke free home w/batteries. Old MacDonald had a farm…who better to teach the nursery rhyme than the animals themselves? Your little one will delight in the discovery of each new farm friend as they slide and swing beneath the lit-up, spinning sun. The sturdy plastic pages of a picture book turn to offer three classic tales in dazzling display. But the creative experience doesn’t end there! Music lessons become an interactive adventure with each chunky piano key responding to baby’s curious touch. And, a colorful roller with cute animal pictures plays musical tunes that will keep baby’s mind engaged and her little fingers busy. If you are reading this, the toy is available, ad will be deleted when sold. thanks for looking. Retails for $24.99
vTech Learn n Slide Winnie The Pooh $18
vTech Learn n Slide Winnie The Pooh $18
Be entertained by Winnie the Pooh and Friends in this 6 beautifully illustrated, easy-to-clean, hard plastic pages features moving interactive elements for baby to join in with to develop hand eye co-ordination and manipulative skills. Each page has a short “story phrase” that teaches a different concept from opposites, words and numbers to popular nursery rhyme tunes by twisting or sliding the character features. Press Winnie the Pooh for a fun sung song! (age 6 months+) (U.P$49.90) Rarely played with, good as new.

vtech baby toys
vtech baby toys
Vtech - Slide And Talk Smart Phone
Vtech Electronics Slide & Talk Smart PhoneThe Slide & Talk Smart Phone is a slide phone that allows for pretend texting and cell phone play. The toy features a slide-out keyboard and the LCD screen automatically recognizes when the device is in phone or message mode and adjusts accordingly. The phone also features a phone book that contains four friends who you can text or call. Surprise "wrong number" phone calls from a variety of silly characters adds to the fun. Teaches letters, numbers, counting, alphabetical order.Product Measures: 1.4 x 2.5 x 4.7Recommended Ages: 2 years - 4 years

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