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Unique Baby Clothes For Boys

unique baby clothes for boys
    baby clothes
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unique baby clothes for boys - Baby Aspen
Baby Aspen Big Dreamzzz? Baby Chef 3 Piece Layette Set, 0-6 Months
Baby Aspen Big Dreamzzz? Baby Chef 3 Piece Layette Set, 0-6 Months
Mix sweetness and style, add a dash of adorable and serve baby this unique "Big Dreamzzz" Baby Chef Three-Piece Layette Set with a side of love! Simply delicious! Garnish with a saucy gift presentation and voila! Your darling little dish is the toast of the town! Features and facts: Tasteful, three-piece baby chef layette set includes white chef's hat, white chef's coat with secure snap closure and black-and-white checkered pants A whisk is embroidered on the chef hat and the words "Baby Chef" are embroidered on the coat Made of machine-washable, 100% cotton Black-and-white culinary-themed gift box with checkered bottom and rich, red satin bow at the top; inside of gift box is white with red theme accents that include spatulas, pans, rolling pins and oven mitts Size 0-6 months Personalization is available at an additional cost

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Deluxe Shopping Cart Covers
Deluxe Shopping Cart Covers
Put a stop to those nasty germs found on shopping carts! Our Deluxe Shopping Cart Cover is a stylish answer to this dilemma as well as keeping you organized. The seven pockets featured on the Deluxe Cart Cover provide the perfect place for baby's bottle, your keys, shopping list and wallet, (there really is no need to take your purse with you). The extra padding provides an ultimate comfortable riding experience, as well as a velcro loop attachment for those fly-away pacifiers! Choose from a selection of prints & customize your Deluxe Cart Cover with a choice of playful applique. Machine wash warm, tumble dry low. Made in Canada.
Reversible Baby Shoes and Bib Gift Set, Echino Cars
Reversible Baby Shoes and Bib Gift Set, Echino Cars
These soft-sole baby shoes and Bib will be perfect for your little one or they make a great, unique gift for someone special. Handmade from 100% cotton, these shoes will be so soft on your baby's feet. An elastic back will keep this shoe securely on. The baby shoes and bib are made with two coordinating cotton fabrics. A Japanese import Echino Cars fabric and Kona cotton in cherry red. The bib is backed with soft chenille. Bib is topstitched for durability, and closes with a snap.

unique baby clothes for boys
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