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Toys For Babies 3 Months

toys for babies 3 months
    for babies
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3 months.
3 months.
Dear George, You turned three months old yesterday. This is your last month as a newborn, and then you will just be a plain ol' infant. Or maybe you become an infant when you TURN three months old. I cannot remember, and Momma is feeling too lazy to google right now. This month's photo shows two of your new tricks: holding things and sticking your fingers in your mouth. You just love chewing on your fingers. As for the toys, I still have to work the toys into your little fingers, but in just a week you have gone from only shaking them once or twice before dropping them to holding them for a minute or two. We have even watched you intentionally reach for toys, and your aim is improving. You took that smiling skill from last month and turned them into laughs. You think your mommy is SO. FUNNY! But I think you are the funny one, with such a happy nature that you would probably find me reading the phone book totally hilarious. The experience of feeding you has been gradually improving. We have been working so, so hard on figuring out what to do for you and your belly, and we are getting closer to figuring out the best solutions for all of us. I know we are getting closer because during a two week period this past month, you put on a pound and a half. This was huge for you. Your double chin emerged before our very eyes. Cuddling with you is one of the sweetest moments of the day. After feeding, I put you up on my shoulder to burp you. Once we get a nice belch (you take after your dad) (er, confession: you also take after your mom, if my pregnancy burps were anything to go by), you curl your head in my neck and I hug you close. I cannot help but think that someday will be the last day you let me hold you like this, and it makes me just want to squish you more now. You love new people, but not a lot of them all at once. Too many people squealing and cooing in your face causes you to stick out your lower lip and cry a good cry. We get it, we get it, you are more of a one on one kiddo. But you are so cute, how do you expect people to resist going gaga over you? You have turned into a more reliable napper on days when we do not leave the house. This makes your happy disposition much, much happier. I cannot emphasize this enough, but THANK YOU. THANK YOU FOR NAPPING. Rest is a good thing for everyone, babies and parents especially. In fact, you are napping right now, so I am going to go try to check more to do items off my list. That way, when you wake up, I can spend my time making faces at you and sticking toys in your hands. Love, Yo Momma
Tears for Orion
Tears for Orion
Some of you may've noticed I haven't been uploading anything here on Flickr for awhile now, but only a few of you know the reason why. I'm sorry to say that on July 30th, 2010 my beautiful baby son, Rhys Orion Sohl suddenly passed away from SIDS. He was only a little over 3 months old, strangely enough he was exactly 100 days old. Needless to say, I haven't felt much in the mood for taking my usual irreverent and whimsical toy photos, although I've still been a little active on here trying to distract myself from this tragedy and get back to "normal" by viewing and commenting on your pictures. I've been reluctant to acknowledge what has happened here, probably because Flickr has always been a happy place for me to go to escape from reality and have some fun and I didn't want to contaminate it with this ugly truth as it was one of the few corners of my life unaffected by what has happened. But I've decided that I need to share this if I'm going to be able to move on with things. Our family is very strong and we will survive this, and I will always miss my little Rhys and the life we should've had together. I'll never understand why this had to happen to him. We've had an amazing amount of support from my friends and family and his death has brought many people together.

toys for babies 3 months
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