Easy To Knit Baby Booties - Baby Allergic To Breast Milk.

Easy To Knit Baby Booties

easy to knit baby booties
  • (bootie) bootee: a slipper that is soft and wool (for babies)
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easy to knit baby booties - Vanna's Choice
Vanna's Choice Heartfelt Gifts to Knit and Crochet (Leisure Arts #4433)
Vanna's Choice Heartfelt Gifts to Knit and Crochet (Leisure Arts #4433)
One of the most comforting gifts you can give someone, particularly a child who's "on the mend," is a cozy knitted or crocheted item. In this practical guidebook for kind hearts, popular TV game show co-host Vanna White brings together 25 easy designs for afghans, slippers, hats, scarves, and wraps -- perfect presents for babies, children, teens, or anyone in need. All of the projects showcase the new Vanna's Choice yarn from Lion Brand.
Crochet projects include a scarf, baby afghan, beret, wrap, slippers, hats, teen's lap robe, security blanket, and afghans. Knit projects include a wrap, hats, baby and full-size afghans, scarf, cap, booties, and slippers. Most designs are for Easy skill level.

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knitted booties for a friend
knitted booties for a friend
Got this pattern from a colleague at work. Sole: On no. 6 double-pointed needles, cast on 9 sts and knit 23-24 rows or to desired length. Do not turn. Working around the edge of the rectangle you've created, pick up 14 sts on each long side and 9 sts on the other side of the cast-on row. Knit 5-6 rounds, to desired height (alternate knit and purl rows, if you want to continue the garter look). Turn. Instep: Working just on the top of the toe, knit 8 sts across and knit the last st together with the nearest st on the perpendicular needle (13 sts remain on it). Turn and work the row back in the same fashion, purling if you want to maintain the stockinette fabric. Continue building up the top of the toe and decreasing until 7 sts remain on each side needle and the needles with the back of the heel and top of the toe have 9 sts each. Do not turn. Ankle cuff: Working in k1 p1 rib (or desired pattern), resume working in the round, dec 1 every 7th st; 7 sts remain on ea needle at end of round. Continuing in rib with no further decreases, work 10 rounds more. Cast off in k1 p1 rib and sew last st to first st of round. Takes about 2-3 hours to make one pair. A great use of a little left-over yarn from making a sweater or something.
Stay-on Baby Booties
Stay-on Baby Booties
I have knit this pattern so many times that I have it memorized! The garter stitch accommodates baby's growing feet and I have gotten good feedback from parents about how these booties do stay on. They are easy to whip up (I made them in a evening). This pair is for my neighbors' new granddaughter. It's a great way to use up leftover sock yarn (which I have a lot of). These booties are made from Socks That Rock. The yarn pooled terribly (gave me fits!) when I knit up socks for myself but it behaved beautifully for these booties.

easy to knit baby booties
easy to knit baby booties
Robeez Soft Soles Kids' Cozy Ankle Bootie,Tan,12-18 Months (4.5-6 M US Toddler)
Product Description Robeez...... caring about first steps Each pair of Robeez is handcrafted with care and designed to help baby's feet grow strong and health. Pediatricians recommended soft-soled footwear for your baby's formative years ... footwear like Robeez. Secure - Slip them on and they stay on. Skid-resistant - The textured suede sole prevents slipping. Durable -- Leather construction stands up to the toughest toddlers. Comfortable -- The quality leather is soft and comfy, heel to toe. Versatile -- Great for indoor or light outdoor use. How to wash you Robeez -- Keep your Robeez looking fresh and bright by machine washing periodically. Wash separately in cold water, as dark colours may bleed. Partially dry your Robeez on a low setting in the dryer, then reshape and let air-dry completely. For regular upkeep and extended wear, hand wash with mild detergent. For spot cleaning, use mild detergent and a damp cloth.

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