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Tire And Wheel Simulator

tire and wheel simulator
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tire and wheel simulator - Phoenix USA
Phoenix USA GQ64 Chrome Dually Wheel Simulator
Phoenix USA GQ64 Chrome Dually Wheel Simulator
This stainless steel wheel cover snaps onto existing wheel in minutes with a full retaining ring to hold it in place. 8-lug design fits all years of Chevy, Ford and Dodge 2WD and 4WD dually rear-wheeled pickup trucks only. Center of cover pops out for 2WD and for 4WD access. Fits: 2 and 4 wheel drive Ford F350 models 1985-2004; Chevy/GMC 1973-2007; Dodge 1969-2002. Trucks with BUDD wheels will not fit. Easy to mount - no tools needed or lugnuts to remove. T304L stainless steel for lasting beauty and durability. Works With: Dually, Fits Make: Select Chevy, Ford, and Dodge, Fits Models: Select 2 and 4 Wheel Drive Dually, Material: Stainless steel, Includes (qty.): 4

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Beautiful Ford 2004 E-450 Krystal Koach bus w/ wheelchair lift and is in excellent condition! It comes fully equipped with velour seating and has only 58K original miles. The durable heavy-duty E-450 chassis and a rust-free aluminum and fiberglass coach body will look great for years to come. This bus has an 18 passenger capacity including the driver and co-pilot seats. The 6.8L Ford Triton V-10 engine runs great with plenty of power and no leaks. The transmission performs flawlessly! The fully exterior body has been completely refinished and it is free of damage. The interior is luxurious, comfortable and clean! The velour level 5 seats with armrests are very comfortable and make for a great ride! You will be very pleased with cleanliness, versatility, and appearance the interior displays. It is very roomy and easy to access any seat in the bus. This bus will be perfect for both in-town routes to long trips or tours. From the interior to the tires, this bus is one of the nicest on the market today! The bus will come completely serviced and checked out by professional D.O.T. bus mechanics! This procedure not only helps us become familiar with each bus, but also helps make sure that every feature on the bus performs as it was designed to do! The undercarriage of this vehicle is completely clean and free of any fluid leaks. This bus runs and drives great! All of the options and equipment is in proper working order. Features on this Krystal bus include (Partial Listing): Ford E-450 Super Duty Chassis 6.8L V-10 Triton Gas Engine Power Windows Power Door Locks Cruise Control Braun Wheelchair Lift Reclining Drivers and Co-Pilot Seats Electric Air Entry Door Chrome Wheel Simulators Exterior Entrance Light Deep Tinted Tour Windows Luxury Interior Lighting Gray Transit Rubber Floor Double Heated Electric mirrors on both sides Stainless Entrance Rails with Vanity Panels Level 5 Seats Velour with Armrests AM/FM Stereo CD Stereo Speakers Throughout Cabin Rear Heater Dual Compressor Air Conditioner A/C 68,000 BTU Luxury Krystal Interior Appointments Directional Side Lights Dual Rear Wheels For Stability Cruise Control Tilt Wheel DOT Equipment Throughout
Star Tours Simulator
Star Tours Simulator
Onboard the ride simulator on Star Tours at Parc Disneyland.

tire and wheel simulator
tire and wheel simulator
Pacific Dualies 45-1608 Polished 16 Inch 6 Lug Stainless Steel Wheel Simulator Kit for 2010 and Earlier Isuzu NPR/W4 Truck 2010 and Earlier Chevy GMC NPR / W4
Pacific Dualies carries a spectrum of quality wheel simulators. Pacific Dualies wheel simulators are designed to mount securely to Isuzu vehicles with dual rear wheels, and are manufactured with quality in mind. They are manufactured from the highest grade of stainless steel. This product is a lug style dually simulator for six lug wheels with six vent holes. It is an appropriate fit for 16 inch wheels. The component parts of this wheel simulator are front wheel cover with press on style lug nut covers, rear wheel cover, rear center cap, and press on style lug nut covers.