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Value Of Gold Bullion

value of gold bullion
    gold bullion
  • Investment-grade, pure gold, which may be smelted into gold coins or gold bars.
  • A precious metal is a rare, naturally occurring metallic chemical element of high economic value, which is not radioactive (excluding natural polonium, radium, actinium and protactinium).
  • A standard of money that that uses a specified quantity of gold to determine the value of currency that is convertible in other countries.
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New Varieties of Gold and Silver Coins: Counterfeit Coins, and Bullion : With Mint Values ...
New Varieties of Gold and Silver Coins: Counterfeit Coins, and Bullion : With Mint Values ...
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Findland - Chapter 16
Findland - Chapter 16
Zoloto sat on the front porch of his home drinking a honey meed. The early evening weather was perfect for such a relaxed activity. Burgundy Box approached him. “Mr. Zoloto.” “Ah, Miss Box how are you? We haven't had a real chance to speak yet. How does the day find you? Please have a seat.” Zoloto offered, patting the seat next to him. Burgundy sat, but on a chair next to him rather than on the swinging couch beside him. “I'm well, but you should know that I just had to put Hutch back in his cell. He got out and banged up one of your men. I think he was listening in on you.” Zoloto moved his gums around as he tended to do when stressed. “Mr. Hutch is quite a resourceful character. We'll have to put more guards in front of his cell.” “I've already told four men to stand guard. If that wasn't going beyond my authority.” Burgundy was good with false modesty. “No, no, that'll be fine. We only need to endure Mr. Hutch until tomorrow.” “Then I need to talk to you about my girls.” “Ah, your Nymph Tears, are their accommodations sufficient?” “The accommodations are fine. The issue is your men. They seem to think that the Nymph Tears are here for their amusement.” “Well,” Zoloto shrugged “it can't be helped, most of these men have been brought in from afar, they haven't seen their wives in months.” “I'm sure a clever man like you can find a way to help it.” Burgundy leaned in “Or we don't have a deal.” Zoloto took a sip of his honey meed. “I'll have a word with them.” “You do that.” Altin Zoloto spread his arms across the bench where he sat, showing off his impressive size. “Burgundy, you must not let minor things derail you on this great journey. Tomorrow you'll have all the money you'll ever need. Let's get you a drink.” He signaled a servant to bring one more. “No such thing as enough money.” “You'll never be happy if you're always wanting more.” “The only way to be happy is to always be getting more.” Their discussion was broken up when Linder approached them. “Sir,” he said in a hushed tone “two men with spy glasses are at the edge of the property.” “So go tell the voyeurs to get lost.” Zoloto snapped. As Linder started off to do just that Zoloto then told him “Wait. Did you find out how to signal TCS that Mr. Hutch's mission is going well?” “Well, um, yes sir....” That he didn't quite know how to finish that thought was clear. “But...?” “But what he said to do was strange and I think it might be a trick.” Linder spat out. Zoloto eyed him for a moment then turned to Burgundy Box. “On your way here, did you notice anyone following you?” “I was in the carriage with Hutch” defended Burgundy “I couldn't see anything.” “Well your Nymph Tears, did they see anything?” “They told me there were no problems. However we were a fairly big party, we wouldn't have been hard to follow at a distance.” Zoloto mulled these things over. These men could be the replacements Hutch had warned about. “Could you go check with your girls, make sure they didn't see anything unusual” Burgundy's drink only then arrived. She drank half of it in one go then stood. “Of course.” She walked off in her own particular way that made you want her to stay but also feel lucky just to see that walk. Zoloto then turned back to Linder “Bring Mr. Hutch up to me. Make sure he is presentable looking.” * Hutch sat in his cell contemplating his situation. He was a bit distracted because the man he had overpowered to get out of his cell had woken up and was now being berated by his peers. Linder came down to the basement and broke them up, and told the man Hutch had beaten to go gather firewood even though it was summer. Linder looked Hutch over and told him to get up. The two went out to where Mr. Zoloto was on the porch. Hutch sat down while Linder stood behind. “Mr. Hutch, I just want to make sure you're doing alright.” Zoloto lied. It was a lie that was not said because it would be believed, but to show power. An obvious lie that had to be agreed to because the liar was in a position of power. “I'm only keeping you down there for your own protection, many of my men are not fond of you.” “Why else?” Hutch agreed. “We'll get you a drink then, I have a splendid honey meed that I've just opened up.” He signaled for a glass for Hutch, which was already ready. “So you've got enough pinewood poison for all Eneti? You do know that the city has as many civilians as it does soldiers? You're going to kill all 20,000 of them?” Zoloto sipped his drink. “Dog pox kills that many people every year. It's not a huge loss.” “Hmmm” appealing to his humanity was to be a dead end. “There are some other numbers that I have been thinking over. The depository is said to have approximately 10,000 tons in gold bullion. I figure that it'll take fifty men two weeks to move it onto 79 Galleton ships.” “That seems about right.” Conceded Zoloto. “So then you have 79 Galleton ships and a way of keeping the rest of the ar
Bodie - Cart
Bodie - Cart
In 1876, the Standard Company discovered a profitable deposit of gold-bearing ore, which transformed Bodie from an isolated mining camp comprising a few prospectors and company employees to a Wild West boomtown. Rich discoveries in the adjacent Bodie Mine during 1878 attracted even more hopeful people.[6] By 1879, Bodie had a population of approximately 5000–7000 people[10][11] and around 2,000 buildings. One idea maintains that in 1880, Bodie was California's second or third largest city,[12] but the U.S. Census of that year disproves the popular tale.[13] Over the years, Bodie's mines produced gold valued at nearly US$34 million.[14] Bodie boomed from late 1877 through mid- to late 1880.[15] The first newspaper, The Standard Pioneer Journal of Mono County, published its first edition on October 10, 1877. It started out as a weekly, but soon became a thrice-weekly paper.[16] It was also during this time that a telegraph line was built which connected Bodie with Bridgeport and Genoa, Nevada.[16] California and Nevada newspapers predicted Bodie would become the next Comstock Lode.[17][18][19] Men from both states were lured to Bodie by the prospect of another bonanza.[20] Gold bullion from the town's nine stamp mills was shipped to Carson City, Nevada, by way of Aurora, Wellington and Gardnerville. Most shipments were accompanied by a guard of armed men. After the bullion reached Carson City, it was delivered to the mint there, or sent on by rail to the mint in San Francisco

value of gold bullion
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