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Canadian Tire Online Flyer Toronto

canadian tire online flyer toronto
    canadian tire
  • Canadian Tire Corporation, Limited is one of Canada's 35 largest publicly traded companies and operates an inter-related network of businesses engaged in retailing (hardgoods, apparel and petroleum) and services (financial and automotive).
  • Toronto is a town within the city of Lake Macquarie in New South Wales, Australia, approximately from Newcastle's central business district and is a commercial hub for the sprawling suburbs on the western shore of the lake.
  • A city in Canada, capital of Ontario, on the northern shore of Lake Ontario; pop. 635,395
  • the provincial capital and largest city in Ontario (and the largest city in Canada)
  • Toronto was a Canadian rock band active during the late 1970s and early 1980s. It was formed in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, by guitarist Brian Allen and American-born singer Holly Woods.
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An anti-graffiti flyer
An anti-graffiti flyer
August 2008 // "STOP GRAFFITI" -- "BE PART OF THE SOLUTION" -- "HELP TAKE BACK OUR SPACES" These flyers are "defacing [my] neighbourhood" and "our spaces" -- as far as I'm concerned. Safety is important, but it's also a separate matter. The flyer is about graffiti, so the part about safety is nonsense. I don't put up graffiti myself, but I do appreciate some of it. Who are these people to define "our" interests and "the solution"? They certainly don't speak for me. Who exactly do they speak for? -- aside from the organizational bodies mentioned on the flyer.
flyer design for "extra" PUFF party this saturday at DAVKA / HAIFA CITY

canadian tire online flyer toronto
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