$10 gold certificate : Rawlings heart of the hide gold glove

$10 Gold Certificate

$10 gold certificate
    gold certificate
  • A gold certificate in general is a certificate of ownership that gold owners hold instead of storing the actual gold. It has both a historic meaning as a US paper currency (1882–1933) and a current meaning as a way to invest in gold.
  • (GOLD CERTIFICATES) With the increase of gold in America partially brought on by the rush of the mid 1800's, this metal became a prevalent asset for exchange.
  • (GOLD CERTIFICATES) Written confirmation of ownership of gold without necessarily having to take physical delivery of the metal.
$10 gold certificate - 8x10 /
8x10 / 8 x 10 Black w/ Gold Beads Custom Picture Frame - Brand NEW .. 1.5'' wide
8x10 / 8 x 10 Black w/ Gold Beads Custom Picture Frame - Brand NEW .. 1.5'' wide
Brand New 8x10 Picture Frame. Frame can hang vertically or horizontally. Hardware not attached - easy to install. This 8 x 10 Black w/ Gold Beads frame is made of Wood, measuring 1.5'' thick(wide), with a .5 '' deep rabbet(inside depth - the space below the lip to the bottom of the frame). Is carefully made to the highest industry standards. This frame comes with Glass. This Fantastic designer frame is a unique frame that you will not find in most frame shops. The frame is perfect to lighten up your most cherished photo or art piece you put into it, yet modest enough to match just about any environment. This Black w/ Gold Beads frame works perfectly with black-and-white (B&W), and color pictures or paintings. Makes a nice gift! Please don't hesitate to browse through our policies and feedback. If you're not sure this is exactly the frame you'd like, feel free to use the search at the top of this page and search ArtToFrames to view our huge selection of wood picture frames,metal picture frames, and premade picture frames. Don't forget to add us to favorites, so you don't have to search for us again next time you need a picture frame!~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Product SKU # - - 3WOMM445515-8x10~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

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The hard-money "investors" are always an interesting lot. A small subset are downright conspiracy addicts, with their own interesting logic. ONE of these is that the evil governments of the world might sieze MOST of the gold and silver, but for some reason would leave religious artifacts alone. Never heard of the Huns, apparently. One company, which in some form if you follow the bouncing domain names is still in business, Australia Fair, in 2000-2002, produced a series of "Inspirational Biblical Heros" struck in silver and gold for just that purpose. Here is examples of the first two - a 1/4 shekel weight gold medallion and a 1 shekel weight silver medallion and featuring King Solomon and Abraham. Note the biblical denominations in case anyone was suspicious. They even produced booklets on these biblical personages as an education campaign. For big-time investors, "Gold Heritage Certificates" representing 100oz (not shekels - sharp of you!) of fine gold buillion held in the Australia Fair Certificate Trust bullion repository. But keeping with the biblical theme, there is an engraving (actually pretty cool) of God giving the 10 Commandments to Moses engraved on the obverse.
Ancient Gold Bullion Receipt
Ancient Gold Bullion Receipt
So. My grandmother was cleaning out her basmenet and found this tin that had in it a plastic jar, and a few canvas pouches. The first canvas pouch had a bunch of torn up peices of paper which I flattened, scanned, and put back together in photoshop. As far as I can gather its a receipt for gold from the 1800's which I'll put in to context below. The second canvas pouch was filled with dirt/gold. Looked like a mixture of mica and gold dust, and the plastic jar was filled with (and get this) 10 fucking ounces of gold (approx 5 grand). The reason this is in my families posetion is my great grandfother had a large stock in a gold mining expedition in Bolivia in the 1800's. We still have the stock certificates (which are totally worthless now). Anyway. interesting bit of family history and it was fun to recontstruct the receipt in photoshop, something I don't think would've been very easy without the technology we have today. I felt like a true detective.

$10 gold certificate
$10 gold certificate
Natural Diamond Bracelet in 10k White Gold Heart Bracelet (H, SI-I, 0.23 cttw)-Certificate of Authenticity -7 "
Heart Shaped Natural diamond bracelet in 10k white gold

This delightful heart shaped diamond bracelet is crafted in 10k white gold with sparkling natural round cut diamonds. Heart theme jewelry is one of the perfect jewelry gifts to express your love. Diamond is the April birthstone. Birthstone jewelry is one of the perfect jewelry gifts for wedding anniversary, birthday, or any holiday occasion. Express your love to your loved one today with this lovely diamond bracelet.
The length of this diamond tennis bracelet is 7 inches with hidden-safety-clasp.
The width of this diamond bracelet is 4mm
This diamond bracelet comes with Certificate of Authenticity.

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