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Display Floor Stands

display floor stands
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Information Displays, Northern Lights, University of Central lancashire
Information Displays, Northern Lights, University of Central lancashire
Shows use of partitions and use of translucent glass in them to allow light to pass through them. In the centre of the picture is the Business Link Information Point - there is a Business Link Clinic every fortnight. Good use of display stands to present literature relating to business and enterprise. These stands have wheels so they can be easily moved around. Also visual in the background is the 'Sandbox' ideas centre which is designed to allow cross collaboration. There is imaginitive use of colour in the carpets which are distinctive against the more neutral colours in the space.
Solomons Flooring RACV Homeshow
Solomons Flooring RACV Homeshow
Solomons Flooring RACV Homeshow in Melbourne Exhibition Centre stand 2007 displaying some solomons flooring most popular product lines. Sales Consultants will arange for a viewing of selected products at customers home after the show to ensure they have chosen to suit the decor and lighting of their home. Notice the new and much improved Solomons Sultan logo. Solomons had gone through a rebrand and is excited to announce Suzie Wilks, TV home renovator personality as the face of Solomons Flooring

display floor stands
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