Getting me in a home

I do not know what has braught you to this site but I should start by saying thank you for even coming; then likely tell you the reason for this site. I am not going to sugar coat what my goal is, I am not going to give you any sobb story on why you should feel sorry for me. I am simply going to ask for ten cents from anyone who is willing to donate that to me, so that I can buy a house. 

I am sure you are wondering why in the world I would even make this site or how is ten cents going to help me by a house. Why, that is simple. I live in an apartment and I keep paying them year after year, making me no closer to owning the place I live than the year before. On the amount I am making this is not enough to save money up to save up for a deposit in a reasonable amount of time and pay my rent to keep a roof over my head. So I am stuck in a rut and with no way out so I have come to this, asking people I know nothing about over the internet to donate 10 cents or any amount really to me towards my efforts.

Now for how even ten cents could possible be of any assistance, well, there are millions of people who get on the internet and if even a very small percentage of them are generous enough or amused enough to donate the ten cents to me I will have enough money to at least make a down payment on a house in a far shorter time than if I tried alone. Heck, I will be even optamistic about it if enough people donate I might even be able to pay for the house but all I really care about it being able to put a down payment on the house.