Watch mysterious cities of gold. Australian gold 2011

Watch Mysterious Cities Of Gold

watch mysterious cities of gold
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watch mysterious cities of gold - Mysterious Cities
Mysterious Cities of Gold (DELUXE EDITION)
Mysterious Cities of Gold (DELUXE EDITION)
It is 1532 and Esteban, a Spanish orphan, is on a quest to find his father. He joins a party of Spaniards as they search for one of The Seven Cities of Gold in The New World. Zia, An Incan girl named Zia, and Tao, the last descendant of the sunken empire of Hiva, help Estaban on his search. On their journey, the three of them discover many lost technological wonders of the Mayans, Inca, and Olmecs including The Golden Condor, a huge solar-powered airship, capable of traveling considerable distances under the sun's power alone. They are constantly pursued by antagonists Gomez and Gaspard, who are also in search of the Cities of Gold.
Included in the DELUXE EDITION: Deleted Scenes, English Dubbing Cast Documentary, The Dubbing Cast Recreate a Scene Featurette, Production Documentary with Director Bernard Deyries, producer Jean Chalopin & the Composer Shuki Levy, Philip Schofield Broom Cupboard Singalong Clip, Karaoke Theme Tune Singalong, Crew Biographies, Dubbing Cast Biographies, Character Biographies, Series Synopsis, Episode Synopsis, Original Storyboards, Original Production Drawings, 32 Page Collectors Booklet, 12 Page Historical Facts Booklet, 6 Exclusive Postcards, Double Sided Fold-Out Poster

80% (19)
St Nicolas of Bari with another sainted bishop
St Nicolas of Bari with another sainted bishop
Today, 6 December, is the feast of St Nicolas of Bari. Saint Nicolas, the 4th century saint who inspired our modern figure of Santa Claus, was born near Myra, a port on the Mediterranean Sea serving the busy sea lanes that linked the seaports of Egypt, Greece, and Rome. Nicholas came from one of the city's wealthy merchant families, but he was not spoiled by his family's wealth. His mother and father taught him to be generous to others, especially those in need. So Nicholas came to see that helping others makes one richer in life than anything else. One day, by chance, Nicolas heard about a rich man in Myra who lost all his money when his business failed. The man had three lovely daughters, all wishing to get married, but he had no money for their marriage. Besides, who would marry them, he thought, since their father is such a failure? With nothing to eat, the man in desperation decided to sell one of his daughters into slavery. At least then the rest of them might survive. That night before the first daughter was to be sold, Nicolas, with a small bag of gold in his hand, softly approached their house, and, tossing the gold through an open window, quickly vanished into the darkness. The next morning, the father found a bag of gold lying on the floor next to his bed. He had no idea where it came from. "Maybe it's counterfeit," he thought. But as he tested it, he knew it was real. He went over the list of his friends and business associates. None of them could possibly have given him this. The poor man fell to his knees and great tears came to his eyes. He thanked God for this beautiful gift. His spirits rose higher than they had been for a long time because someone had been so unexpectedly good to him. He arranged for his first daughter's wedding and there was enough money left for the rest of them to live for almost a year. Often he wondered: who gave them the gold? But by the end of the year, the family again had nothing, and the father, again desperate and seeing no other way open, decided his second daughter must be sold. But Nicolas, hearing about it, came by night to their window and tossed in another bag of gold as before. The next morning the father rejoiced, and, thanking God, begged His pardon for losing hope. Who, though, was the mysterious stranger giving them such a gift? Each night afterwards the father watched by the window. As the year passed their money ran out. In the dead of one night he heard quiet steps approaching his house and suddenly a bag of gold fell onto the floor. The father quickly ran out to catch the one who threw it there. He caught up with Nicolas some distance away and recognized him, for the young man came from a well-known family in the city. "Why did you give us the gold?" the father asked. "Because you needed it," Nicolas answered. "But why didn't you let us know who you were?" the man asked again. "Because it's good to give and have only God know about it." This painting is found in the Franciscan church on the island of Lopud near Dubrovnik in Croatia. The other saint might possibly be St Augustine of Hippo.
The Mysterious Cities of Gold - The Complete Series
The Mysterious Cities of Gold - The Complete Series
No sooner did I learn that this existed than I had ordered it from I've been waiting for this for more than 20 years! It's a region 1 DVD so I'm in the process of decrypting the 6 discs, then I'll try to convert that to DiVX so I can stream them to the TV. I can't wait to watch great quality versions of the shows!

watch mysterious cities of gold
watch mysterious cities of gold
The Mysterious Island (Wordsworth Classics)
With an Introduction by Alex Dolby Jules Verne (1828-1905) is internationally famous as the author of a distinctive series of adventure stories describing new travel technologies which opened up the world and provided means to escape from it. The collective enthusiasm of generations of readers of his extraordinary voyages was a key factor in the rise of modern science fiction. In The Mysterious Island a group of men escape imprisonment during the American Civil War by stealing a balloon. Blown across the world, they are air-wrecked on a remote desert island. In a manner reminiscent of Robinson Crusoe, the men apply their scientific knowledge and technical skill to exploit the island s bountiful resources, eventually constructing a sophisticated society in miniature. The book is also an intriguing mystery story, for the island has a secret...

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