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1080p Video Camera Review

1080p video camera review
    video camera
  • A camera for recording images on videotape or for transmitting them to a monitor screen
  • A camera that records onto digital or videotape.
  • A video camera is a camera used for electronic motion picture acquisition, initially developed by the television industry but now common in other applications as well.
  • The modern CCTV video camera is available in both monochrome (black and white) and color. Cameras can be set in fixed-positions or placed on 'pan-and-tilt' devices that allow the camera to be moved up, down, left and right.
  • A formal assessment or examination of something with the possibility or intention of instituting change if necessary
  • A periodical publication with critical articles on current events, the arts, etc
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  • 1080p is the shorthand identification for a set of HDTV video modes which are characterised by 1,080 lines of vertical resolution (1,080 horizontal scan lines) and progressive scan (meaning the image is not interlaced, unlike the 1080i display standard).
1080p video camera review - Veho VCC-005-HDGUM
Veho VCC-005-HDGUM Gumball 3000 Edition Muvi HD 1080p Mini In Car/Action Camcorder
Veho VCC-005-HDGUM Gumball 3000 Edition Muvi HD 1080p Mini In Car/Action Camcorder
Veho have teamed up with Gumball 3000 to produce a new and unique range of action cameras. The latest addition the popular MUVI micro camcorder range introduces the MUVI HD Gumball 3000 Edition mini hands free camcorder. The Gumball 3000 MUVI HD captures hands free high definition footage and snapshot using the 160 degree super wide angle lens and the sensa wireless remote control. The Gumball 3000 MUVI HD also includes a self timer, noise activation, touch panel, digital zoom and ships with a 8GB Micro SD card (upgradable to 32GB) and a 1400mah internal battery that will give 4hrs record time . As well as the rich technical specifications the MUVI also comes with a range of sports mounting clips and accessories that enables you to record in almost any situation. The Gumball Edition MUVI HD is the all round in car action camcorder perfect for track days and all action sports. As an upgrade to the MUVI HD10+ the Gumball Edition has 10Mbit increased bit rate, In Car Suction Mount, Loop Recording, In car Charge and Record, Slow motion Playback and 8gb micro SD. The The contents of this package are VCC-005-MUVI-HDGUM - High Definition Mini Camcorder, MUVI HD Camcorder wireless Remote Control, MUVI HD 8gb Micro SD Card, MUVI HD Micro SD to SD Adapter, MUVI HD USB Cable, MUVI HD Micro USB to USB adapter, MUVI HD Universal body clip, MUVI HD Universal swivel mount, MUVI HD Helmet mount, MUVI HD Helmet strap, MUVI HD Velcro fixings x 2, MUVI HD Flat mounts x 2, MUVI HD Pouch, MUVI HD Carry Strap, suction mounting bracket, MUVI HD 5v power charger adapter.

81% (14)
Nikon D3S review
Nikon D3S review
Ever since Nikon entered the full frame game with the D3, low light photography took a different turn, now with the introduction of the D3S, Nikon claims to have provided "Night Vision" to their flagship model, the new D3S with an unbelievable ISO range of upto 12800, extendable to ISO 102,400. But does the camera truly live upto the hype that surrounds it? Lets find out. The body of the D3S is built like a tank, very sturdy, weather sealed and also quite lighter than what I expected. My D700 with a battery pack weighed more than the D3S's bigger body. Well a lot of that can be attributed to the extra battery that the D3s doesn't have to deal with. Yet the battery life of the D3S is a little over an amazing, 4000 photographs. The buttons are well spaced and I tested the camera in very cold weather here, about 3 degrees, so had to use it while wearing thick gloves. Well, I must praise Nikon for the button alignment and size since I was comfortably able to use it wearing my gloves on, which is quite painstaking with many other cameras I have tried before, a pointer to the fact that this body is targeted towards professionals who might take it to extreme conditions.. The dedicated buttons, and battery opening knobs are all noticeably larger as. Picture quality is immaculate, thanks to the re-engineered full frame sensor(12.1MP). Nikon has been quite clear in their approach of keeping pixels larger in size rather than larger in number, which I believe is a very smart decision. Their show stealing headline of ISO 12800 is amazingly noiseless at higher ISOs and at 12800,the camera truly lives up to all the hype surrounding it. This takes indoor event photography, night snaps at higher shutter speeds and action photography to new heights of convenience. A very usable image at ISO 12800 means, much more usable images at all ISOs lesser than it. Check out the sample test shot above, clicked at ISO 12800. Speed has been one of the highest points of the Nikon D3. The D3S is no exception. It can shoot at 9fps, and when in crop mode can go upto 11fps. Very handy for action work and wildlife. The D3s has seriously expanded the buffer size as compared to the D3, with twice the capacity of the D3. Now, 36 14bit Raw files can be shot consecutively with no delay, and 124 Jpegs in the same way. The super-quick MultiCAM-3500 AF system seems to have minor tweak as well, allegedly. The 51 point auto focusing system is precisely responsive and nails focus so fast that its quite impossible to miss your moving subject. Nikon's proprietary D-Movie mode which is a major addition in this model, captures smooth 24fps video at 720P and saves files up to 5minutes long/2GB in size, as Motion-Jpegs (MJPEG) format. The inbuilt microphone is excellent though only mono, it might catch focusing noise given out by certain lenses, so an external mike attachable to the hotshoe will be a good idea for stereo sound recording. Also, it's possible to pull still images back out from these movie files too, though only at their native 1280x720 resolution of course. I wish this camera had Full HD 1080 though 720 P is perfectly usable HD footage. Nikon's argument is that that this was all down to file size. At 720p, with the compression the camera is using you will get five-minute bursts out of the allocated 2GB continuous shooting space. If the camera were to shoot Full HD then this would be significantly less.So in essence, the D3S is a stills camera that is to be the very best at ISO, and the movie feature is an extra functionality. But there has been some impressible upgrades as well. the much criticized rolling shutter issue is better controlled. Looks like the built in rolling shutter correction algorithm is doing its job, but yet the issue has not vanished. What is impressive though is the 24 fps smooth playback and auto-focus feature that works while filming. That is a very useful feature. The D3S uses contrast detecting to ensure that the auto-focusing while shooting actually works. The dedicated Live video button is a blessing. Also, for those shooting under incandescent light there is also a flicker reduction mode, to reduce the irritating ‘flicker'. The quiet shutter mode is an excellent add-on and a nice touch, especially useful to the wildlife photographer to break peace with a loud clank of the shutter. At $5200, Nikon's flagship model is a very well engineered, well thought out, smart camera. A 4.8/5. If it had 1080p video(Yes I am greedy), the its a 5/5 from me! No regrets though
061 - 092909
061 - 092909
Day 61 of 365 Yay first published pic from the 7D. 1000 ISO @ 18MP looks fantastic! I have yet to explore the whole thing yet but so far the camera is looking really good. So I'm gonna do a mini review. I know it's not too fair comparing this camera to XSi but that's the only point of reference I have. This is gonna be technical so I'm gonna leave the review to the end of the entry I don't think I mentioned about me being the MC @ UTCMA's orientation. Yep I was entrusted with the difficult talk of talking in front of 200 people. First time ever doing it and There you see in the pics are my cue cards. Why did I hang it on the tripod I don't know. I like to hang stuff I think. If I manage through tomorrow I think I would be ready to go become a public speaker. Hmm ... perhaps not... But that would be a start. So few days of preps comes down to tomorrow night. Oddly I am not feeling nervous now. Maybe I'll have a huge break down on stage. We'll see what happens tomorrow:) Now onto the review! Built Quality It feels like a rock. Comparing it to XSi it's much more solid. Well it better be considering it costing 3 times the price of XSi. Immediately you feel considerable weight and much more solid. When you pick up XSi it feels very plastic where as the 7D is just like a rock. I'm really excited about the weather sealing on the camera coz that means I don't have to keep shielding the camera from rain when it starts pouring. The New fancy AF system The new AF system is a bit nuts. Tons of modes. I think the AF Expansion feature (where the AF points expands to nearby points if subject moves away) is gonna come in handy during sport photography. The Viewfinder Holy shit the viewfinder is huge. When I picked up the 40D or 50D for comparison with XSi I didn't notice much of an increase in the size. I think it is a bit bigger but I could live with XSi's size. Looking through the 7D is like moving from a 30" TV to a 50" TV. That big of a difference. Very love! Also I love this "transmissive LCD" thing where if you want the viewfinder to look as clean as possible you actually can. But personally I like a bunch of lines and stuff in the viewfinder to help me with taking the pics. The Comfort Level and Button Layout Hmm well since it's a much bigger camera it is more comfortable to hold. Although I find XSi with the battery grip a little bit more secure to hold due to extra grip area. Maybe it's just coz I got big hands. It's funny I use to think that XSi's grip is perfect for me. It was not until I held a 40D that I feel XSi being a bit crammed. Overall the 7D is good sized for my hand but I would wanna try it with a grip to see how it feels like. The button layout. 1 comment. A bit overloaded. Jumping from XSi to 7D is a HUGE leap indeed. There's like a million buttons on 7D and I am trying to remember their locations. Features 100% viewfinder, 8 fps, built in wireless flash master, weather sealed, video mode (1080P!!), crazy AF system, transmissive LCD, what more can you ask. Aside from those main features there's tons of small things in there I have yet to explore The transition It was pretty smooth. Learning 7D is quite fast since everything is about the same except those new crazy features. Going back to XSi I would say XSi is a pretty feature rich camera. All the essentials are there and that's why I am gonna keep using it. Image quality The bread and butter of every new camera. Remember how 50D disappointed all of us with the image quality. Well for 7D, I don't know what kinda voodoo magic Canon is using but @ 18MP the high ISO performance is surprisingly good. I ran a side by side comparison with my XSi. @ high ISO I think the 7D is a bit better if not even with XSi's performance and XSi was quite good already. The performance @ ISO 3200 is exceptional! If you don't look close enough it would look like ISO 1600. @ ISO 6400 things starts to shake a bit, but I think the picture is still highly usable. Just don't do 100% crops. ISO 12800 is a nice feature to have but I don't think I'm gonna use it too much. It's all over the place. Maybe I can use that as my last last last last last last last resort if all else fails. Overall 18MP @ equal or better image quality than the 12.2MP XSi. You gotta give it to Canon for doing an awsome job. Yay This is my first review ever. It's kinda fun to keep rambling on about things you like. Maybe I should become one of those camera review people. :)

1080p video camera review
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