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Olympus Camera Fe 370

olympus camera fe 370
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olympus camera fe 370 - Olympus FE370
Olympus FE370 8MP Digital Camera with 5x Optical Dual Image Stabilized Zoom (Silver)
Olympus FE370 8MP Digital Camera with 5x Optical Dual Image Stabilized Zoom (Silver)
Get a digital camera that is perfect for on the go. With its sleek, metal design and portable size, the Olympus FE-370 packs amazing photo technology -- including an impressive 5x optical zoom and Dual Image Stabilization -- into a super-slim body. Formats - JPEG, AVI Motion JPEG with Sound Movie Mode - 640x480, 320x240 Self-Timer - 12 Seconds 48MB Internal Memory Li-ion Rechargeable Battery Face Detection - Tracks up to 16 faces and automatically focuses and optimizes exposures for sharp, brilliant portrait pictures Smile Shot - Detects a smile on your subject's face and automatically fires off three consecutive shots Intelligent Auto - Automatically identifies the scene you're shooting and adjusts the settings to optimize results 19 Shooting Modes including Portrait, Sunset, Night Scene, Sports, Landscape, etc High-resolution CCD - Create large-format prints xD-Picture Card (1GB, 2GB), microSD (MASD-1 is required) Live, multi-frame window on the LCD - preview the effects of various settings before you shoot Perfect Fix - lighten shadows and remove red-eye right in the camera In-camera Help Guides provide a brief description of camera settings and features My Favorites - This in-camera album stores your favorite images so you can easily share them with friends and family TruePic III Image Processor delivers superior images with true-to-life color, sharper detail, and less noise Dimensions - 3.7W x 2.2H x 0.90D, with lens part - 1.0 D (94.7 x 56.7 x 22.8 mm, with lens - 25.3mm) Weight - 4.5oz (128g) without batteries and media card

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Empty Bench
Empty Bench
One of the two best panos I've ever done, IMHO. This was shot with an Olympus FE 370 point and shoot camera on a tripod, at Whispering Pines Park in Inverness. The only editing done was stitching, and then cropping. 7 frames. See it in the Lightbox for the best view. Today's theme is Panoramas in the woods.

olympus camera fe 370
olympus camera fe 370
Olympus Battery Charger Kit fits LI-60B/EN-EL11/D-LI78/DB-80/DB-L70 (Home/Wall/Travel Charger & Car Chager)-US camera
Battery Charger Kit (Home/Wall/Travel Charger & Car Charger) for you to charge your digital camera battery without the camera. Keep your camera free of the battery charge. The package includesone battery holder(with Home/Wall/Travel Charger)one cigarette lighter adapter (DC car cable)The charger kit fits Olympus LI-60B/Nikon EN-EL11/Pentax D-LI78/Ricoh DB-80/Sanyo DB-L70 enables you charge your digital camera/camcorder battery without the camera/camcorder. More convenience and efficient. With the charger kit, you could charger your digital camera/camcorder battery anywhere, such as in your car or in your house. Put your digital camera/camcorder battery into the battery holder, then connect the cigarette lighter car charger to the battery holder. Your digital camera/camcorder battery will be charged automatically. The charger kit has IC protector to protect your battery from being overchargered. Give your digital camera/camcorder longer time to use without worrying about the power supply.InstructionsMount digital camera/camcorder batteryAlign the metallic contacts of the battery to the inserting direction and insert it against electrode gate protection switch.Connect the power plug of the battery-mounted charger to the power socket or car cigarette.If Charger indicator orange of red lights, charging begins.If Charger indicator green lights, charging is completed normal charge.WarningUse rechargeable battery pack with corresponding model; Charger shall be unplugged from the power socket if it is not used for an extended period of time; It is normal if the product gets slightly hot in suing; Don't expose the product to rain or humidity to prevent from electric shock; Keep the product out of children. Compatible With Olympus FE-370

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