Nikon N6006 Film Camera

nikon n6006 film camera
    nikon n6006
  • The Nikon F-601, otherwise known as the Nikon N6006, is a 35mm single-lens reflex (SLR) film camera that was produced by Nikon starting in 1991 .
    film camera
  • Photographic film is a sheet of plastic (polyester, nitrocellulose or cellulose acetate) coated with an emulsion containing light-sensitive silver halide salts (bonded by gelatin) with variable crystal sizes that determine the sensitivity, contrast and resolution of the film.
nikon n6006 film camera - ZING Large
ZING Large Universal "Eveready-Style" SLR Camera Case f/Nikon N50/60/65/70/80/6006/8008, Canon ELAN 2/7, A2/A2E, Maxxum 7/9, Olympus IS, Pentax PZ1, #555-211
ZING Large Universal "Eveready-Style" SLR Camera Case f/Nikon N50/60/65/70/80/6006/8008, Canon ELAN 2/7, A2/A2E, Maxxum 7/9, Olympus IS, Pentax PZ1, #555-211
Styled after the classic leather camera case but made with the advantages of neoprene, the Universal SLR Camera Case is extremely flexible and fits a wide range of lens lengths and camera bodies. The case bottom attaches to the camera body by running a camera strap (not included) through keeper loops sewn into the case interior. The top fastens to the bottom with dual thumb release clips; swings out of the way quickly for shooting, or it can be removed completely. This system enables quick changing of film and is very easy to use. Velcro tabs allow adjustment to fit different lens/body combinations.Available in two sizes, standard and large.

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Nikon N6006 Autofocus 35mm - 1990
Nikon N6006 Autofocus 35mm - 1990
Another thrift store buy, I really bought this for the lens but have been very impressed with the features and operation of the camera. Motor winding, multiple program modes, built-in flash and a host of other settings makes this film camera quite advanced, even for today. Rather hefty, heavy-duty feeling construction for an early autofocus camera series from Nikon.
Nikon N6006
Nikon N6006
I bought this camera in 1994 and have used it for everything you can think of. I gave this camera to my son in 2002 and he used it until he went digital this year. It has been a great camera. I had rear door repaired in 2003. The rear door latch was weak on this model. I now have a problem with the battery door staying closed.

nikon n6006 film camera
nikon n6006 film camera
Precision Design i-TTL Off-Camera Flash Cord (3 FT) - for all Nikon SLR Cameras & Speedlights
The i-TTL Off-Camera Flash Extension Cord is an extremely useful accessory for Nikon digital & 35mm film SLR cameras, allowing an external flash to be used away from the camera. The flash can be located as far as 3 feet away from the camera and still perform all the automatic functions possible with flash photography. Using an off-camera flash provides the photographer with the flexibility to direct light from a variety of angles, allowing simple but effective fill lighting for balancing outdoor shots or hiding shadows under harsh indoor lights. An off-camera flash is also an effective primary light source when less direct lighting is desired.

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