I created this webpage to enable my writing pieces, poems and stories, to be shared with my classmates. Included with my stories, and poems are multiple drafts, and even research. Instead of just writing a story, I now know that it takes a lot more than that to make a good story. A big step in the writing process is a planning sheet, it helped me plan out all my writing before I actually wrote the paper. It helps because you already have your thoughts gathered, and don't have to make it up as you go it's all planned out for you. Also, by making this webpage to better my writing, because many other people can see it. It can bring in good feedback from others that are intrested in the same writing style. Learning how describe the new terms like, blocking, dialouge, description of settings and characters in my reflections also helps a lot improve my writing. Making this webpage also taught me how to write using technology, like bubbl.us to make a planning sheet. All of this is the reason I created my webpage.