I write. But in general I shy away from sharing my work with other people, the thought of others critiquing my art terrifies me. But in Creative Writing class we are supposed to share our writing through these web pages. This frightened me at first because I hate having other people read my stuff and I will never really know what they think about it. Sure, they might say they love it, but do they really? It's not like you're going to tell someone "Oh yeah, your writing sucks," that would be downright cruel! But since it's part of the class, I really had no choice but to publish my work to the site.
    But after I started writing things on here, the fear disappeared. No one's really going to know who I am, I have a pen name. And if they don't like it, who cares? I made this site because I had to, but it's become a liberating experience! It made me think that since I was putting this writing out there, I might as well share other work. So I've started sharing things that I've written with my family, a little. I don't let them read my poetry yet, but I'm getting there. And it'll probably be a long time before I'm willing to show my writing to my friends face to face. But with this site I can share my writing anonymously and it feels good to let other people know about what I'm working on.
    This site also helps me to see how I'm growing as a writer through this class. I'm sure the later writings will be much better than what I wrote at first. Every day, my writing is growing and changing, it's cool to see that change.