This is my webpage for a Creative Writing class *somewhere* in the world. Located on this webpage are my creations - whether it be fiction or poetry, each piece has been created with hard work. Many of my pieces have information relating to the planning, such as drafts and extra research. Over time, this webpage shows how my writing has grown. It shows the process of writing as a series of steps, not an instant thought-process.
Another aspect of this project is the process of communication. My webpage is visible for anyone to see, as well as my classmates. It allows all of us to see each others' work and provide feedback. This makes this whole project a stepping stone for what is ahead in the working world. Whatever I may become, the webpage has provided a lot of useful information for the future. I can create a webpage for a job, communicate more easily with co-workers, etc. It is in this way that the project has been very beneficial.
I hope you enjoy reading my work!!! : )