CapsSwitch (en)

To hack and to override permissions on-demand for UIQ3 smartphones

Program: CapsSwitch
Program's version: 1.1.27 (10 Juli 2008)

The program is intended to hack and to override permissions on-demand on UIQ3 smartphones.

Tested on: P1i (R6G04/R9K009/GW1), M600 (R6A16), M610, ла990 (R6E28), W950i, W960i, G900

Big thanks to FCA00000 for help and to Hex for MetroTRK source code and ARM tutorials.

1.1.27 Now works without PC (python script) and without MetroTRK. Added Russian and German languages
1.0.5 Changed icon + Minor fixes
1.0.3 First public release

- Download archive with the program from
- Install CapsSwitch. No need to sign.