Holiday Meals

When Family Joins Together to Create Memories 

Tips for making holiday meals more fun than frazzle:

• Shop from a list, & check your recipes ahead of time to ensure all your ingredients are on your list.

• If you use the same menu for a particular holiday every year, laminate your menu on one side of a page, & your shopping list on the other. Keep it where you can find it next year.

• Don't insist on doing everything yourself. Order your turkey already cooked, & assign dishes to guests.

• Cook your pies the day before (or order early from the bakery, but don't forget to pick up on time).

• If you have two back-to-back days of festivities, plan simple meals one day, fancy the next. If Christmas Day means a large gathering, plan a simple meal for Christmas Eve. No extra stress, & even a grilled cheese sandwich & tomato soup supper can become a cherished tradition if done with flair (Tip: float oyster crackers on the soup, or garnish with grated Parmesan cheese).

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