My Favorite Diet Tips

Easy Ways to eliminate extra pounds for the entire family 

Plain & simple, what you eat shows up on your body, outside & inside.  Even folks who seem naturally slender in youth often discover the years can add unexpected pounds.

There's no real magic in maintaining a healthy weight, & what may seem like a quick solution can turn out to be not so nifty in the long run.  However, there are some easily developed habits that can painlessly save you enough calories to prevent you from gaining several pounds each & every year.

Tip #1  My last baby was born when mini skirts first came out.  I'd gained a whopping 49 lbs., but to my surprise, the little one was only a five-pounder, so I had a lot of work to do.  Fortunately, I read this simple tip, which I have used in my kitchen for over forty years:  Serve meals on smaller plates.

This was easy to implement because my set of dishes contained luncheon plates.  In the decades since, I've purchased new dishes, but I always look for those that have smaller plates (Fiesta has 9" luncheon plates available open stock, & Corelle has many styles in a similar size).  I use the larger dinner plates as small platters.

I have no idea how many calories we've saved over the years with this one tip. No one has ever complained about being deprived of food in this family, even though the smaller plates hold 15% less food (yes, I measured).

Tip #2 Willpower is one thing, but much of the work of a healthy diet is the cook's responsibility, generally a mom-job.  Get in the habit of cutting out the unhealthy stuff before it ever gets put on the table.

  • Use kitchen shears to cut off all fat from meat prior to cooking.  Contrary to popular belief, fat itself does not add flavor to food, only calories & artery-clogging cholesterol.
  • Eliminate salt from most all cooking.  Note that the only recipes on this site that list salt as an ingredient contain dried beans (which need a little salt).  It takes about two weeks for the taste buds to adjust to the reduction of salt (pepper helps the transition), but once it happens, you'll be amazed how flavorful your food really tastes.  In fact, you might find yourself reducing the amount of other spices you use because they just aren't as necessary once the family taste buds have come back to life.
  • Most recipes calling for milk will work very well with low-fat or non-fat.  To eliminate cholesterol, substitute soymilk in cooking.  It also comes in a reduced-fat version.  No one will notice a taste difference in the food you serve.
  • Keep a carton of egg substitute (it's really just colored egg whites) in the fridge, & use 1/4 cup for each egg in your recipe.  Egg whites are protein, & work just as well as whole eggs in baking.  They make lovely scrambled eggs & omelettes, too, but without any cholestrol.  (Serve fresh salsa on the eggs & you won't miss salt.)

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