Breakfast Recipes

Start the day right, with a smile 

A good start to your day is the best way to make sure it ends well.  Try something new, but easy.

Cut fat, cholesterol & calories by using egg substitute in your recipes--just keep a carton in your fridge.  Further reduce calories with a sugar substitute made for cooking, like Splenda, instead of some or all the sugar in recipes.  Plain yogurt or yogurt cheese is a healthy change instead of cooking oil in baked goods.

Kids late for school, & you're late for work?  Hand out On-the-Go Sandwiches as everyone heads out the door, or grab a microwavable bag of Breakfast Casserole for brunch at the office.

Rogue's Galley Pancakes

Sunshine Orange Muffins

On-the-Go Sandwiches

Gallo Pinto

Breakfast Casserole

Mexicali Casserole

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