My Blankets of Hope Quilts

Let your hands show the love in your heart

This is the front of the reversible quilt I sent to a field hospital in Iraq in February 2008. It is lined with flannel, & is similar on both sides. Some of the blue patches are made from recycled jeans.

Below is the back side of this same patriotic quilt, which was part of the Blankets of Hope Project for Soldier's Angels, a non-profit foundation. This will be given to a wounded soldier prior to being transported to a hospital in Germany for further treatment. You can choose whether to send your quilt to Iraq, Afghanistan, Germany (where wounded are treated prior to returning to the U.S.), or to a treatment facility here in the States. Note that shipping costs are the same, no matter the destination (this quilt cost $8.95 to ship to Iraq in a flat-rate Priority Mail box provided by the post office).

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