Cars Toys Checklist

cars toys checklist
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My favorite essentials
My favorite essentials
Here are the things I always keep in my trunk that I consider my personal essentials. These have come in handy numerous times in the past: * Rolled up envirosax grocery bag - Perfect size for lugging Isobel toys, produce from the farmer's market, library books, thrift store finds, etc; yet when rolled up takes up barely any room. * Picnic blanket - one side is green and water-resistant, meant for laying on the ground, while the other side is plush and fleecy. I can't tell you how many impromptu-picnics we've used this for, or how through many beachy cuddles the blanket aspect of it has been used to keep us warm. It has a strap so it can be slung over the shoulder like a messenger bag and a handle so it can be carried like a briefcase. * Parasol - When you live in a hot, dry climate where the sun is mercilessly fierce, it pays to have a parasol handy. I use this when we go to festivals, fairs, or anywhere south of Bakersfield. It's better than a hat and sunglasses combined, and I always get compliments on how cute it is. Recently, I used it for my Japanese Housewife Halloween costume.
The varying states of the RV: post breakfast
The varying states of the RV: post breakfast
The RV undergoes periods of expansion and retraction. When we're in camping mode, stuff comes out of the cabinets, gets moved around, and used. The bike and baby stroller come out of the car, computers emerge, stuff collects around the sink and dinette area, and baby toys appear out of nowhere. We, too, spill out onto the side of the RV. I've noticed it's custom when using an RV. Rolling down the awning is the equivalent of saying "I'm home." It's the first thing we do when arriving at a new spot - that and connecting to the hookups. Just before setting out on the road, everything gets packed away and secured. We've now developed a checklist after a potentially disastrous 'uh-oh' situation when we left the doorstep out. Oops.

cars toys checklist
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