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4 Year Old Toys

4 year old toys
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Through the eyes of a 4 year-old darling
Through the eyes of a 4 year-old darling
At one point during July's Shiba Meetup (photos coming soon, I promise), I was chatted up the utterly adorable miss Chloe (seen centre). After engaging me in the finer details of her Hello Kitty necklace and new monkey toy, she informed me that she absolutely had to use my camera. Not wanting to stifle a kid's curiosity (and to indulge my own, regarding what she would end up photographing), I obliged. Young Chloe took the camera in her hands and was off to the races. (Interestingly enough, I needed to provide next to no instruction about how to operate the camera. She's 4, I was impressed). Almost immediately she looked through the eyepiece, found her subject, engaged the autofocus and clicked her first shot. I asked her what it was she had photographed and she informed me, (with a cheeky grin on her face), "Someone's butt!" ***All four photos we're shot by young Chloe*** : D
Our grandson ( Damon ) 4 yrs. old
Our grandson  (  Damon  )   4  yrs. old
Damon is a real boy and loves to play with toys - wind up the turtle and he swims

4 year old toys
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