Healthy Low Fat Burgers

Tools: rolling pin, clean gas grill


1 lb 95-96% lean burger
2 T Quick oats
1/2 t Montreal Steak Seasoning
Buns, onion, tomato, low fat cheese slices and condiments.


1) Preheat grill on high, clean and oil.

2) Put oats in small baggie, seal and crush with rolling pin (very fine).

3) Add Montreal Seasoning to oats and mix will then add mixture to burger. Incorporate well into the beef. I used my hands.

4) Make burgers  a little bigger than the buns then depress the center by about a quarter of an inch to keep burgers from puffing up during grilling if they are thick.

5) Place over high heat on grill. Grill for 6 minutes per side initially then flip every 5-6 minutes until internal temp of 165.

6) Remove for heat and toast buns for about 2 minutes. Apply fixings and serve.