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Rose Gold Engagement Setting

rose gold engagement setting
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  • betrothal: a mutual promise to marry
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    rose gold
  • A softly hued gold that contains the same metals as yellow gold but with a higher concentration of copper in the alloy. A popular color in Europe, rose gold in watches is often seen in retro styling or in tricolor gold versions.
  • While pure gold is yellow in color, colored gold can be developed into various colors. These colors are generally obtained by alloying gold with other elements in various proportions.
  • The proportions of a diamond are very important to allow the maximum amount of light to be reflected off and out of a stone. Proportion is the relationship between the angles of the facets of the crown and pavilion. Precious Metals
  • A piece of metal in which a precious stone or gem is fixed to form a piece of jewelry
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rose gold engagement setting - Bling Jewelry
Bling Jewelry Vintage Style 925 Sterling Silver Round Brilliant CZ Diamond Engagement Ring size 6
Bling Jewelry Vintage Style 925 Sterling Silver Round Brilliant CZ Diamond Engagement Ring size 6
Perfect shape, perfectly gorgeous. Our Vintage Style 925 Sterling Silver Round Brilliant CZ Diamond Engagement Ring is created for a certain woman who loves a romantic, antique-inspired design. Sterling silver engagement rings are traditional, but this stunning round engagement ring featuring a 2.75 carat surrounded by smaller CZs is exceptional. Hold this dazzling vintage engagement ring to the light and let yourself be mesmerized by its faceted beauty. This is a sterling silver engagement ring that will keep its dazzle and drama forever.

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Elegant Flapper Bracelet
Elegant Flapper Bracelet
This elegant and classic stretch bracelet is a throw back to the 1920's flapper fashion! Nineteen strands of white tube beads accented by antiqued cube beads set the stage for an ivory and gold rolled rose with a sparkling rhinestone in its middle! Powder blue feathers, wispy and delicate, peek from beneath the hand formed rose. A night on the town bracelet, a quiet Sunday morning brunch bracelet, a prom corsage, an engagement party accessory! Rolled rose is approximately 2" in diameter, feathers add an additional 2.75." Stretch bracelet is adjustable but mostly fits smaller wrists. Not too snug on a 6" wrist.
Sparkly Stuff
Sparkly Stuff
Day 7 of 7 My favourite bits of jewellery. My engagement bracelet, a set of diamond earrings Jason bought me for my birthday and neverending ring of CZs.

rose gold engagement setting
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