On Demand Water Heaters Canada

on demand water heaters canada
    water heaters
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Water heater
Water heater
The instructions on this water heater were still readable, though goodness knows how long this thing has been sitting here. Jawbone Flats was established as a mining camp in the 1920s. It gets its name from the fact that while the miners were out in the mines during the day, their wives would gossip, or "jawbone", during their daily activities in town. The mining camp was shut down in the 1940s when the mining proved to be less than profitable. Shiny Rock Mining Company operated out of Jawbone Flats from 1972 to 1992. Thanks to Senator Mark Hatfield, this area became protected as the Opal Creek Scenic Recreation Area in 1996, along with the Opal Creek Wilderness, which lies adjacent. Since this area includes old growth trees, Jawbone Flats is home to the Opal Creek Ancient Forest Center, and educational groups and individuals can come to study and learn about this ancient forest. No private vehicles are allowed here; you have to hike in 3.5 miles. In addition, the old buildings, artifacts, and equipment here are protected by federal law.
Water heater replacement 005
Water heater replacement 005
Closeup of the old heater and re-useable relief valve-tube. Caution: It is NOT adviseable to re-use old relief valves as you may be asking for trouble. Should they ever crack open (in other words, need to do their job) they may never shut all the way off again due to corrosion. This water heater is not ideally installed since the copper lines are directly connected to the steel tank...a no-no...however, in this case theory of electrolysis didn't win out over 15 years of perfectly good service. On the other hand, the heater may have lasted longer had it incorporated dielectric fittings, as explained in a couple other pictures.

on demand water heaters canada
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