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Christian Baby Names Meaning

christian baby names meaning
    baby names
  • The most popular given names vary nationally, regionally, and culturally. Lists of widely used given names can consist of those most often bestowed upon infants born within the last year, thus reflecting the current naming trends, or else be composed of the personal names occurring most within
  • Of, relating to, or professing Christianity or its teachings
  • following the teachings or manifesting the qualities or spirit of Jesus Christ
  • Having or showing qualities associated with Christians, esp. those of decency, kindness, and fairness
  • relating to or characteristic of Christianity; "Christian rites"
  • a religious person who believes Jesus is the Christ and who is a member of a Christian denomination
  • What is meant by a word, text, concept, or action
  • meaning(a): rich in significance or implication; "a meaning look"
  • the message that is intended or expressed or signified; "what is the meaning of this sentence"; "the significance of a red traffic light"; "the signification of Chinese characters"; "the import of his announcement was ambiguous"
  • (means) how a result is obtained or an end is achieved; "a means of control"; "an example is the best agency of instruction"; "the true way to success"
  • Important or worthwhile quality; purpose
  • Implied or explicit significance

Archetype-picture of Corstiaan van der Groef
Archetype-picture of Corstiaan van der Groef
CORSTIAAN VAN DER GROEF , KRIENA VAN PUTTEN AND THEIR CHILDREN a somewhat remarkable and astonishing emigration story ......... Part 1 : the Dutch years , living in poverty ... CORSTIAAN VAN DER GROEF was the fourth child of his father ADRIANUS VAN DER GROEF , and Corstiaan was the only child born within the second marriage of his father with JANNETJE STRUIS . Corstiaan came into the Dutch world on January 4th 1838 in the village of Dirksland on the island of Goeree-Overflakkee , in a period of time in which circumstances in life were far from ideal , if not terribly bad ..... Corstiaan , protestant of faith , became a (field-)worker halfway the 19th century , so about his financial situation we certainly don't need to have any illusions : day in day out , year in year out , it must have been hard up in his life .... Corstiaan had one lucky strike though : he didn't have to join the army - and bear in mind : service lasted for nothing less than five years in those days .... Corstiaan didn't need to serve , not because of some fysical defect or so , but simply because he was drawn for the army . Now Corstiaan had the opportunity to marry and settle fairly soon in his life , and so he did : when he was 23 years old Corstiaan said yes on April 26 , 1861 in his birth- and dwelling-place Dirksland , to KRIENA VAN PUTTEN , like Corstiaan belonging to the Dutch Protestant Church (N.H.) , born on March 12 , 1838 in the very tiny place of Herkingen , also on the island of Goeree-Overflakkee and not so far away from Dirksland . Like Corstaan Kriena earned her bread as a labourer . How poor and miserable conditions of life still were for a lot of people in the Netherlands in the 19th century can be illustrated as follows : in 1861 , the year of the marriage , the average weekly wages for regular workmen were merely 6 guilders - and yét the average wages of labourers in the years to come wouldn't rise but even go down up to the end of the 19th century ..... It certainly doesn't come as a surprise to know that many fellow-countrymen and -women , thousands of them actually , in the course of the 19th century , would take refuge so to speak in an other country , in the United States of America , the country of unlimited opportunities and of hopefully much better chances in life - and indeed that's what Corstiaan and Kriena after their marriage would decide to do , bút at first no less than t e n children would see their first light on Dutch soil ..... so we cannot say that the decision to emigrate was made rather instantly after their marriage ....... Knowing that all of the ten children were born in the same place , the village of Dirksland , one might jump to the conclusion that Corstiaan , Kriena and their growing family lived a kind of stay-at-home life on Dutch soil , but then one couldn't be more wrong .... Looking for work , for better and regular work with higher income , Corstiaan and his family must have gone from one place to an other : from Dirksland to Melissant , from Melissant back to Dirksland , from Dirksland back again to Melissant ...... and later they were found living for some time in Sommelsdijk , Nieuwe-Tonge and finally in the neighbour village of Oude-Tonge , and all the time possibly rather desperately trying to hold their heads up ..... Nót only on the island of Goeree-Overflakkee Corstiaan tried to find a suitable job : in the year 1876 Corstiaan in the company of his wife Kriena and his oldest son Adrianus stayed for a period of eight months far outside the island , all the way in the Haarlemmermeer , in the province of Noord-Holland , where in those days a huge polder was drained - hard and tough work that must have been . But after eight months Corstiaan , Kriena and Adrianus were back again on the so well known island of Goeree-Overflakkee , and what would life bring them now ??? From the day of their marriage Corstiaan and Kriena had , as 18 years had passed , been blessed with the coming of ten children , but unfortunately two of these children had alreday died during their years of childhood . So after the birth of the tenth child the family of Corstiaan consisted of ten persons : mother , father and eight children , who were all now on the threshold of a new , special , challenging and at the same time also somewhat frightening emigration adventure ............ Part 2 : the decision years ... # ADRIANUS VAN DER GROEF was the first born child of father Corstiaan van der Groef and mother Kriena van Putten . The course of life of this son would turn out to be rather exeptional - notably one day in his life must have been both special ánd unforgettable .... Adrianus was born more than a year after the marriage of his parents , on July 26 , 1862 in the village of Dirksland , the same village where not only Adrianus but also all of his brothers and sisters to come would see the light of day . Without ha
Embla Sól
Embla Sól
This is Embla Sól, my sisters youngest daughter. She got her christening on christmas day. Her name Embla is wery old and comes from (mythology). Embla was the woman who resambles Eve, in Christian bible. Her second name ,Sól, means Sun. Her hair is golden so it fits her very well.

christian baby names meaning
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