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"100 per cent passing" is an Ultimate frisbee expression. When you're in the heat of the game (a cross between American Football and netball) and under pressure passes start get fumbled.
The exhortation "100 per cent passing" is designed to slow your team mates down, get them to focus on precision in their delivery, on quality rather than quickness of touch. This site aims to do the same by presenting some of my creative work. Comments on pages you like are welcome, email ardenjake@gmail.com

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Jake Arden, July 2015

Maybe it's because I'm a Londoner

Musings on life and work in our great city. Including stuff on the London riots.

In memory of Alan Johnson

Extracts from my interviews with the former chairman of Chestnuts Farm Allotments, who sadly died in September 2014.

An allotment year

Seasonal snaps from my plot. 




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My short story collection, Spartans of the Corrib is now available on Amazon.

"I love it when a really good new writer turns up on the site and I think we have a bit of a star in the making in Jake Arden. Read everything he does." Tony Cook, CEO ABC Tales 

The art of Jake Arden

Tony Hancock broke new ground in the 1960s with his existentialist paintings (the creative journey taking him from a London bedsit to the Left Bank of Paris is brilliantly described in the film The Rebel). My paintings pay homage to the master. See media coverage of my work.

Social capital on an allotment

An MSc dissertation looking at the concept of social capital in East London allotment settings, using qualitative research methods. 

Public recognition of my work, including winning Story of the week on ABCtales.com

My mother, the Guantanamo Granny

My mother Margaretta D'Arcy is a writer and film maker and  lifelong anti-war activist. In 2014 at the age of 79 and suffering from cancer, she was jailed by the Irish state for trying to stop US warplanes using Shannon Airport as a staging post for their imperialist adventures. Read here how she became known as the Guantanamo Granny.

My father and other family

My Dad, the playwright John Arden, died on 28 March 2012. He was a great writer, one of the original "angry young men", who some critics said was Britain's equivalent of Brecht. My great aunt Hannah was known as the Angel of Cable Street and won a George Medal in WW2. Read her fascinating story here.

Back in the day

"Tried to X but couldn't Y": personal diary extracts, photos and drawings from my past. Includes: Renta-mobster - a life of protesting; Looking for new Jerusalem in Israel in 1982; Kibbutz Sasa diary; London 1986, fighting Rupert Murdoch at the Battle of Wapping 1987.


Artwork and websites of creative chums. Here's a fabulous image by Sudhir Choytun of Bonfire Night in Walthamstow.