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Step By Step Eye Make Up

step by step eye make up
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step by step eye make up - Too Faced
Too Faced Cosmetics, Smokey Eye Palette, 0.36-ounce
Too Faced Cosmetics, Smokey Eye Palette, 0.36-ounce
From superstar c elebrity c lients to soc c er moms and sorority girls, it seems like everyone wants smoky eyes and yet no oneknows how to c reate them! So, Too Fac ed (Jerrod) has c ome to the resc ue with this professional quality, smoky eye kit thatc ontains everything you need to c reate sexy, sizzling lids for any oc c asion and for any age. Included are three, easy-tofollow,step-by-step instruc tion c ards that allow you to smoke it up for looks to take you from the offic e or sc hool, straight tothe red c arpet or runway in a flash. Not to mention the fac t that it s super, duper fun!

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Oily Boid Step-By-Step Guide
Oily Boid Step-By-Step Guide
Several people (OK, one) have asked how I did the Oily Boid vector drawing, so I thought I'd make a step-by-step how to guide. You'll probably have to view "all sizes" to see the details. Step 1: Here are the various shapes and parts I drew to make the bird and worm. I used the mouse this time, not the graphic tablet, to draw the parts in InDesign. Note that I didn't actually draw all the parts strewn about the page this way; this exploded view is just to illustrate the pieces that make up the character. Step 2: I drew various shapes and colored them until I had a reasonable facsimile of a cartoon bird and worm. Note that the colors are all flat at this point, with no shading. The biggest challenge in doing vector as opposed to bitmap drawing (for me, anyway) is the planning involved. When I do a bitmap drawing, I jump all around the character. I start with the eyes or nose, move on to the head, then the body, back to the mouth, etc. With vector it all has to be planned out. You make the head, then the eyeball, then the iris, then the pupil, then the highlight. You can't jump around or you'll end up with a piece hidden underneath another. It's like putting together a model kit or a puzzle. Step 3: To add shading, I drew darker colored shapes over the various parts of the characters. At the top of the frame is the shape I drew to shade the bird's head. Again, I didn't really draw the shading up at the top of the page like that, I drew it directly on top of the bird's head. I set it up there in order to be seen better. Once I got the shape and coloring right, I feathered the shape in InDesign to give it a softer edge. You can feather shapes a little or a lot; there's no set formula. I just eyeball it until I think it looks right. Once the shape was feathered, I cut it and then placed it inside the bird's head. Step 4: I continued to add shading to the rest of the bird and worm. I also added a shadow under the bird. Step 5: Once the shading was done, I added details to the characters. Things like feathers on the bird's body, spots on his beak, lines on his legs, etc. I also added segment lines and white highlights to the worm. Step 6: Next I used InDesign's pencil tool to draw an irregularly shaped background. I played around with the color until I thought it looked right. Step 7: Then I placed a grungy bitmap texture into the drawing. Step 8: I then placed the bitmap inside the green background shape, and used InDesign's blend settings to combine the two. Again, there's no real formula for doing this; I just play with the settings until I see something I like. Step 9: I thought the background was a little dark, so I added a white shape to the center and feathered it so it would have a soft edge.
Self-Portrait, 2006
Self-Portrait, 2006
I have had this idea for a make-up experiment using various rubber silicon "pieces" from other projects that were not in use (all handmade by my uncle) for a while now. The nose that I have on my nose here (ha! That sounds surreal, doesn't it? How about what my uncle said? --- "I've got a cheek in my top drawer" --- which created a bloom of laughter from me also) is a Quasimodo nose. The nose that is growing out of my right cheek is a nose my uncle made from his own nose from a previous experiment a few years back. There are two large alien eyes that are situated on the top of my head as well, but are a bit obscurred, except that you can see the "white" of one of the eyes if you look to your right. The piece in the middle of my forehead is a rubber silicon eye that was "uncolored" with any substance and was basically a free-form piece for possible projects. Before all of these pieces were put on, he applied some homemade "skin" (made out of various elements including glue, karo syrup, tissue paper and a few others, which was a Dick Smith ingredient) which was a piece that was glued onto my face using Elmer's glue (again, an old Dick Smith trick!) which was applied onto my forehead and went around and over my right eye and down over my right cheek. After this, more pieces were added to my left cheek and my forehead area. Next, he applied the left eye which was also made out of a scrap of rubber silicon and which added to the make-up improvisation! After that was applied, the mouth piece was added (which is actually a "vampire puncture" mold, which I decided would work as a weird mouth). The mouth piece wasn't "applied" in any way, except for the fact that I licked my lips a bit and used my saliva for "natural glue", which works really well when it is only going to be on there for a few moments. As mentioned, this was basically an experimental make-up improvisational collage-work. It took a little over an hour or so to complete I would say. Now I see what John Hurt went through with his 12-hour make-up procedures from The Elephant Man! No where near as time-consuming and gut-wrenching as this. In fact, he was contemplating quitting acting after that role! So, ladies and gentlemen! Step right up and be the first to see THE WEIRDO OF BURDEN at your local FREAK CIRCUS! Later on, after the show, I'll disguise myself as Derrick!

step by step eye make up
step by step eye make up
The Step F1011W Original Health Club Step
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